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Stay home to deal with the emergency coronavirus has as “side effect “ to have more time to take care of yourself (DIY face treatments included). Time, in fact, has taken on a new meaning and dimension. Before it ran fast, now it seems to never flow, but it has much more value. People are trying to give their best by developing creativity and proactivity even within the home.

One has gone viral on Instagram challenge to the female who consists in posting a black and white photo accompanied by a message that supports beauty and self-acceptanceeven at times like these. A way to encourage yourself not to let go. The memes, with an even more effective irony, manage, however, to unmask the truth that unites them all. The fact is that between virtual aperitifs and surprise video calls with screenshots which are then shared on social networks, pajamas are unforgiving, and making oneself always presentable is becoming a job. Let ‘s understand each other, as the Dutch philosophy of Niksen, it’s also okay to enjoy your free time to do nothing. Meanwhile, allow yourself to get lost in your thoughts in a disorganized way without the nightmare of having to do something by letting yourself be carried away by the whirlwind of initiatives that run on social media.

The remote sociality of the quarantine, in fact, stimulates us to abandon the role of Bridget Jones and give us a tone. To feel better, but also to try all those beauty rituals and do-it-yourself facial treatments that partly because of lack of time, partly due to laziness, we had abandoned.

Try Face Gym

The facial massage which stimulates the muscles of the face, reactivates the microcirculation, deflates and sculpts the contour is a technique used by the best facialists on the planet. Quarantine could be an opportunity to try, for example, the steps of the Nichola Joss, beauty guru of Meghan Markle and other stars, famous for her manual lifting that from inside the mouth unlocks the bichat bubble and refines the face. To you, ça va sans dire, this maneuver is not required, but you can try massaging your face with these movements face yoga.

Georgia Louise, skincare expert friend of Jennifer Aniston, offers face massage tutorials. Just connect to your Instagram account @georgialouise and follow the live broadcast. Among its must-have beauty tools to buy online are the butterfly-shaped gua sha and the frozen handpieces with a decongestant effect. Barbara Sturm, German doctor whose treatments, in great demand by models like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, also have a hasthatg #SturmGlow, these days he is organizing virtual consultations for the skin on reservation.

Use the jade roller

If you have no gua sha or jade roller, you can take advantage of online shopping. Many e-commerce, to facilitate us, have eliminated the cost of shipping costs and are making promotions. Spent on the face as soon as they wake up to energize the skin or in the evening before going to sleep to calm tensions, deflate and reveal the brightness of the face thanks to better oxygenation. If you don’t like massaging yourself manually, here is the tool that can do it for you.

Second Angela Caglia, the Los Angeles facialist who created the famous rose quartz mask, the beauty rollers (you can find her on sale on not only help to drain and shape the face, but act thanks to the positive energy of the stones. The green jade roller protects against negative energy, it is more suitable for sculpting the face and eliminating toxins, while the rose quartz roller, the stone connected to the heart, reduces inflammation and regulates lymphatic circulation. To enhance the effect, use the beauty roller after applying a detoxifying oil or over a fabric mask. Angela Caglia recommends to pass it along the line of the face and then to slide it down towards the ears to drain away the excess liquids.

Participate in the virtual perfumed aperitif

Campomarzio 70 has created the Fragrance Bar, the online olfactory aperitif in the company of some of the greatest creators of international fragrances. The olfactory pyramid will also be available in the cocktail version to be replicated at home. Just connect to @ campomarzio70’s Instagram profile and follow the live broadcast. Here is the schedule: Thursday 19: Geza Schoen / Escentric Molecules; Friday 20: Sergio Momo / Xerjoff; Saturday 21: Francis Kurkdjian / Maison Francis Kurkdjian. As they know from the brand, new appointments with famous noses are coming.

Beaty in the kitchen

Getting to cook cakes and delicacies is among the most popular home activities of this quarantine. As well as giving in to the temptation to pass at least once an hour from the pantry to squeeze something. The beauty alternative that saves the waist is to try some grandma’s recipe, but with ingredients to spread on the face, body and hair. From uala, the website dedicated to the beauty & wellness world, the formula for creating one arrives do-it-yourself mask against blackheads. Just put two tablespoons of natural yogurt, a handful of parsley leaves and half a cucumber in the peel in a blender. Then blend until you have a homogeneous mixture, wash your face with warm water before spreading the mixture and leave on for 15 minutes. Always rinse with warm water and voila. What is left over can be eaten with celery and two crackers.

Try the beauty tutorials

To experiment. Nobody ever has time to do it, but this could be an opportunity not to be missed. Among the latest videos that went viral on TikTok, there is a beauty hack which plans to totally reverse the beauty routine with the promise of obtaining silky-smooth skin. According to the tiktoker @ridaaamat, the secret lies in using first the powder products and then the liquid ones, thus erasing everything that the make-up artists had taught you so far. To maximize the result, she applies the moisturizer, then she dusts a transparent powder, fixes everything with a fixing spray, leaves to dry and then goes on to the primer and foundation to complete the base.

The vegan beauty you find in the supermarket

Look at the beauty department. With the perfumeries closed, the supermarket it is the only open shop that solves your basic and non-fundamental needs. Taking a quiet ride in the lane dedicated to cosmetics, allows you to discover valid brands that we had never considered. From clean formulas, with natural and organic ingredients, and with environmentally friendly recycled packs. You can find The true (on sale from Esselunga), an eco-friendly German brand, Love Beauty and Planet with colorful packs that put you in a good mood, Dr. Hauschka (on sale in NaturaSì supermarkets) which among its rituals has the Steam bath for the face which opens pores and prepares the skin for deeper cleansing. Among the latest news you find in Pharmacy, there is oil Huile de Reves of Lazartigue, a concentrate of four botanical oils without silicones and without mineral oils, which penetrate deeply to nourish, and are also deposited on the surface to give brilliance. It can be applied before shampooing, on wet or dry hair, or as an intensive treatment to leave on overnight.

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