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Never as in these times the DIY manicure it is an imperative. Closed nail salons and frequent hand washes (ideally once every 60 minutes) result bare nails, chapped hands and nails nude. Unless you’re a missing manicurist, capable of juggling the file and top coat on a professional level, maintain the nail art it is not such an easy mission. Not to mention the application of the uniform and well-lacquered enamel. For DIY manicure the important thing is to start fromABC. It all starts with the file (and scissors) to reduce lengths, a pass of reinforcing enamel and a nourishing treatment.

Voynich botanical hand and nail cream

The advice is to apply cuticle oil at least once a week, massaging the nail bed and the skin around it. Besides moisturize the area will also stimulate nail growth. The cuticlesinstead, it is good not to touch them, to avoid running into the risk of infections. To have hands in order it is advisable to limit yourself to gently push the cuticles back with a orange stick, removing only the toughest excess skin.

Nail Oil Nourishing by Susanne Kaufmann

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For an extra pampering, Treatwell suggests dipping your hands once or twice a week in one bowl of warm water, with a few drops of sweet almond oil inside, and then remove dead cells by scrubing with brown sugar. Continue by massaging the moisturizer on the palm, back, wrist and fingers for at least five minutes, in order to stimulate the circulation blood.

Strengthening treatment of Essence

The global team of Sally Hansen instead he explains how to make a prefect manicure. “You have to make sure you don’t have residue on the nails of previous varnishes; it is important to use a good one solvent so as to better prepare the nails. After adjusting the length of the nails and ‘lowering’ the excess cuticles, use one basis as a first step, before applying the enamel. Once the base has dried, position the nail polish with the brush at the central base of the nail so that the lacquer is homogeneous over the entire surface. Proceed with one second pass, for a fuller and more intense color, let it dry and finally fix the manicure with the top coat, to make it last longer. As a last step, help yourself with one nail polish correction pen, remove any burrs “.

Vegan Solvent by Remove And Chill

Miracle Gel Top Coat by Sally Hansen


Sally Hansen also gives us an idea to experiment: the Editorial Angle manicure, which takes inspiration from the world of art. Here the directions, step by step.

Step 1: Cut out squares using a sheet of paper. Use a delicate double sided tape to secure them on a flat surface.

Step 2: Apply on each square two passes of the preferred color.

Step 3: Spread a layer of gel top coat on each square to seal the color of the squares. Wait for it to dry.

Step 4: In the meantime, apply two light layers of the selected polish on all the nails.

Step 5: Following the second color pass, place the squares on the nail with the help of tweezers. Let it dry for a minute.

Step 6: To conclude the nail art, apply a layer of gel top coat, to seal the manicure and obtain an ultra bright finish.

The Editorial Angle manicure by Sally Hansen

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