Doc: 5 curiosities about the tv series with Luca Argentero

In time of lockdown, it appears that the Doc tv series – In your hands with Luca Argentero has reassured millions of citizens who have seen one of the most loved faces projected into the lane in a version already renamed “Doctor House in tricolor sauce”. The first six episodes, currently available on Raiplay here , while the seventh and eighth (on Rai 1 on April 16) leave an open ending for a specific reason. The filming was in fact interrupted for the coronavirus, but could already be aired again in the autumn, always on the flagship network. For those who missed them but also for those who, on the other hand, do not yet know enough about this medical drama, all made in Italy produced by Lux Vide and Rai Fiction, here are five curiosities.


The story of Andrea Fanti (Luca Argentero) was born from the real experience of Dr. Pierdante Piccioni, told in the book “Minus Twelve”. Furthermore, the doctor, former director of the emergency department of the Lodi hospital, is leaving with a new novel, “Guilty of amnesia” (Mondadori). The story told in the 2016 autobiography has become a TV series, but with poetic licenses that do not only concern the name. Let’s take some examples: it is true that Piccioni lost 12 years of memory due to an accident, which was about to be recognized as invalid and therefore retirement and which has not recovered memories, but fortunately he still has a happy marriage (and two children) . In fiction, however, when Fanti wakes up from a coma he discovers he has lost a child and divorces.


If the hospital in which Fanti operates seems futuristic and avant-garde, too good to be true in the Italian reality brought to its knees by the coronavirus, it is necessary to change one’s mind. It is not Lombard, as they say in the series, but Roman and it is called Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital, born on a land donated by Alberto Sordi precisely to create a top-level health facility. This is the background in which Fanti, head of internal medicine, now patient at the clinic, moves: the injury to the cerebral cortex eliminated part of his life and forced him to start over, as an assistant to those specialists who were once the weaker link than a delicate and complex mechanism. At the time he was the deus ex machina, invincible and untouchable, while now he is a kind of stranger looking for some identity.


Guest at Che tempo che fa, Luca Argentero said he was proud to have given voice to the doctors and not only for having beaten Johnny Depp and the Pirates of the Caribbean overcoming the 8 million viewers on the penultimate evening of airing. Today the epidemic exalts them as heroes and they are, but it happens to forget it, that’s why a year ago at the time of the beginning of the project, the Turin actor felt the extent of it. Here’s what he said to Fabio Fazio: “Sometimes there is even a bit of arrogance, people take care of themselves on the internet, everyone becomes their own doctor, instead relying on someone’s hands is because there are people who dedicate their life to take care of us, and we wore that gown with a great sense of responsibility “.


One of the most long-lived and followed series, always branded Lux ​​Vide, is spent to put its trademark on Doc. This explains why even Don Matteo arrives in lane. And he is not alone, together with Pippo and Maresciallo Cecchini, he goes to the hospital for an alleged poisoning by mushrooms of the carabiniere. The couple Terence Hill-Nino Frassica could only create a nice curtain with a happy ending, reassuring the Rai Uno audience that they are in good hands.


Fanti’s right arm, Giulia Giordano, is played by Matilde Gioli while his daughter Carolina has the face of Beatrice Grannò while the group of interns in many ways recalls the protagonists of Grey’s Anatomy, which over a decade ago were young, bewildered but very gritty. This budding pool of talents wears a lab coat and gives life to a diverse team: the introvert Sunrise (Silvia Mazzieri), the brilliant Riccardo (Pierpaolo Spollon), the hard one Elisa (Simona Tabasco) and the point Gabriel (Alberto Malanchino). Who will become the next Doctor Strangelove?

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