Dua Lipa and Mika in Comeforbreakfast

Dua Lipa and Mika, but also Levante, Mahmood, Ghali. A new common thread unites them, in addition to music: looks. In fact, all these artists have chosen to wear the Comeforbreakfast duo.

Francesco Alagna and Antonio Romano founded their independent Comeforbreakfast men’s and women’s fashion project a decade ago. On the competition side, they made themselves known to Who is on Next? in 2011 when they were protagonists and in 2016 their experimentation on wool fabrics led them to the final of the International Woolmark Prize. In the meantime, their fame has grown, as well as thanks to e-commerce, through a trilogy of photographic projects that have told their world in an artistic way. “Close to Comeforbreakfast”, the last chapter of the trilogy, saw all the collaborators and friends of the brand protagonists in front of the lens. If they were to replicate the project, perhaps the two creatives today would also have to portray Levante and Dua Lipa.

“Ours is an independent project that has maintained a precise identity since the beginning and that is why being contacted by stylists of artists from the Italian and international music scene surprised us and made us very happy. – explain Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna – Being “noticed” by the creative teams that follow these artists made us understand that the path we are following is the right one and that what we are transmitting through our collections manages to maintain a stylistic coherence that stands out; it is a confirmation for us as the artists who have chosen our garments are the ones we followed as simple fans until then “.

The two creatives continue: “These collaborations have been a great satisfaction for us especially because we have always found an affinity between the image of these artists and our aesthetics. They are singers who come from often different musical worlds but always in line with our idea of ​​fashion.

It filled us with pride to see Ghali with our iconic trench coat on the cover of his single “FlashBack”, rather than Dua Lipa with our look at an event presenting his latest piece or Levante, Mika and Mahmood in total look COMEFORBREAKFAST on their social channels. “

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