Eco-sustainable bags: 3 green designers to discover

Eco-sustainable bags are a must, not only for summer 2020. The choice of natural materials and from certified and sustainable producers, the choice of details capable of creating a circular economy, the enhancement of craftsmanship and support for workers with a fair pay, the promotion of territories and populations … there are several characteristics that make the bags eco-sustainable.

Here is a selection of three international brands that you absolutely must know. The bag, in fact, is the essential accessory to complete any look: bucket or backpack version, shoulder bag or shopping bag, pouch or tote, trunk or postwoman, or for the evening minaudière and baguette, there is no designer who did not test himself with the scholarship. The three brands that we present transform a beautiful and indispensable object into a choice for the environment, as well as for one’s look.

But to you

Maria Josè Germano has gathered around her a creative community that works to make fashion more circular and sustainable. The use of eco-sustainable materials allows to drastically reduce the impact on the environment: the linings are made of organic cotton and hemp – one of the most efficient plants in converting carbon dioxide into oxygen – the eco-leather is treated with water and the shoulder straps they are created with a ribbon made with recycled polyester yarn.

Zoé de Huertas

The Zoé de Huertas brand was launched in early 2020 with the idea of ​​creating clear and practical leather bags with an elegant and timeless aesthetic. Each bag is handcrafted in a family-run workshop in Rome, whose knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, using sustainable materials, and plastic proof packaging.


Akosua Afriyie-Kumi is the creator of AAKS, in Ghana. The brand signs raffia bags produced ethically by hand in Ghana. It is among the leading brands of Industrie Africa.

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