Emily Ratajkowski: outfit with leggings jumpsuit

Ever since Emily Ratajkowski sported a super stretch jumpsuit on Instagram, the trend has gone viral

That Instagram has become one of the main showcases for fashion trends is now a certainty, accomplices not only the influencers and it girl who with their profiles establish the seasonal trends, but also the celebrities, who make a significant contribution in making a certain viral head. An example is Emily Ratajkowski, which inspires the style and fashion choices of beyond 25 million followers. With a casual and sensual approach to clothing, Emily presented us with a garment destined to keep us company throughout 2020: the catsuit. It is a mix between a jumpsuit and a pair of leggings, which results in a tight-fitting and tight-fitting one-piece suit. The model chosen by Emily Ratajkowski it is in total white, round neck and with short sleeves, combined with a belt with maxi golden circles.

A outfit that makes one think of a certain heroine in the world DC Comicsor a beautiful one Catwoman, with its iconic black leather suit which will then give its name. To confirm the success of this trend are the catwalks of spring summer 2020, where the catsuit appears in the collections of Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Marine Greenhouses is Moschino. As if that wasn’t enough, Emily herself has created an entire line of jumpsuit leggings for her brand inamorata, available in many designs – long, short sleeves, round neck or turtleneck – and as many neutral colors.

Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2020

© Gorunway

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2020

© Gorunway

Marine Serre Spring Summer 2020

© Gorunway

Moschino Spring Summer 2020

© Gorunway

To be combined with sneakers or amphibians and with one denim jacket for the day, it becomes perfect for the evening with a pair of pumps or sandals and with jewel accessories. And that’s not all. Fitted to the right point and in stretch fabric, the catsuit is also excellent for training, especially in disciplines such as yoga, pilates or aerobic exercises.

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