Emma Chamberlain Brought Back Flared Yoga Pants

When my TikTok feed was inundated with fashion users wearing yoga pants, I felt an instant flashback when they were prominent in my college wardrobe. Just as we ditched the flare jeans, I did the same with my flare yoga pants and started going for leggings as the new choice. But as I now start to lean towards my more relaxed pair of jeans, going back to the Y2K alternative to leggings makes perfect sense for a more comfortable (and now more edgy) option. I wasn’t surprised when I found out that it was none other than Generation Z queen Emma Chamberlain who decided to bring the trend back in full force for fall 2020. Chamberlain is known for her laid-back, cool-girl style When the internet star took to Twitter to express her desire for comfy pants, users responded that she could wear anything and make it a trend, and it’s exactly what she did.

She took to Instagram a few days later to share her new comfy fit, in which she paired the flare pants with a Nike crew-neck sweatshirt, a white turtleneck and minimal accessories. Chamberlain’s layered style made the pants look anything but basic. Not only did the pants go viral, the entire outfit was a combo that girls around the world couldn’t resist recreating. To be completely honest, I’m not complaining – anything that passes for a cooler take on loungewear is something I’m ready to participate in.

Keep scrolling to buy what you need to recreate the easy look that I will happily wear this fall.

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