Emma Corrin Does Princess Diana’s Accent For The Crown Season 4

Getting into Princess Diana’s shoes was no easy process, according to actress Emma Corrin. Ahead of The crownof season 4 debut, she spoke about the work it involved portraying the late royal, watching the documentary Diana: In her own words “a hundred times” to meet Diana’s private secretary, Patrick Jephson. Another key element in finding Corrin – nail the accent of Lady Di.

“I love the Diana that we meet at the beginning for many reasons … it’s the Diana that no one knows,” she said. Variety. “We all know what she looked like when she was older, there is so much – too much – footage of her. So I was really charmed when I got to know young Diana. As for the word that helped Corrin capture Diana’s sleigh? “Mine was doing ‘fine,’ the actress revealed, adding,” I love her voice so much. I really miss it. She falls at the end of everything she says, which makes everything she says quite sad. “

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Before Corrin’s study of Diana’s speech patterns, she had to get the leading role. She got the part by reading lines from actors who auditioned to play Camilla Parker Bowles. (Emerald Fennell plays her in seasons 3 and 4.) One day during auditions, director Benjamin Caron and producer Suzanne Mackie debated how to tell Corrin she would play Diana. She recalls: “We were in a very stately house, we read the scene thoroughly, then Ben turned to Suzanne and said, ‘Can I tell her now?’ And Suzanne said, “Maybe let’s read it one more time.” So we reread it one more time, then Ben thought, “Will you be our Diana?” “

Corrin also revealed that Josh O’Connor, who plays Prince Charles, was there for the major moment. “I think he remembers it better than I do because my brain stopped working,” Corrin joked. Variety. “I have a total blackout of memory between the time they offered me the part and the time I was in the car calling my family on the way home.” O’Connor rang: “It was like X factor where they get the groups together and they say, ‘Guys we’ve got some bad news,’ and it cuts them off saying, [sighs], “The others are going home, you’re done!” It was so dramatic.

the crown season 4

Corrin and O’Connor as Diana and Charles in The crown season 4.


As for how Corrin ended her chapter playing Diana, she said there was no finality given how the pandemic abruptly interrupted filming. “It was strange because we haven’t had a shutdown due to COVID. I was filming overnight and then I was locked out, ”Corrin said. “As for having someone else take over, my friend said it very well the other day. She said it has to make your ex look like it’s moving, which is exactly what it feels like. It’s like, ‘Oh that’s good, I hope they’re happy.’ But you have to let go I guess. ”

Elizabeth Debicki will play Princess Diana in Seasons 5 and 6 of the series, while Dominic West is in talks to play Prince Charles. “The charm and brilliance of The crown it’s you see all these different actors playing their versions of these people, it’s so much more interesting than seeing one person doing it, than seeing the interpretation of one person, ”Corrin explained. Her iteration of Diana will be released on Netflix on November 15.

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