Emma Roberts: the FashionTrends Italia interview

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts

: the FashionTrends Italia interview

We are all very confused. There is so much uncertainty. I think it’s really time to practice kindness towards yourself and others. This too will pass, but we must be as close as possible, emotionally, despite the social distancing.

Twenty-nine years, the angelic face and an open smile like that of Aunt Julia, which however did not prevent her from becoming the protagonist of horror movies like Scream 4 and disturbing TV series (American Horror Story, Scream Queens), Emma Rose Roberts describes so a FashionTrends Italia his quarantine days. The perfume that chose her as testimonial has a very auspicious name: Boss Alive. «It is a tribute to everything that makes us alive, and to the happiness of enjoying life fully, every day. It tastes of apple and cinnamon, currants, jasmine, woods and vanilla. “

When do you feel most “alive”?
Every time I visit a city for the first time, with that feeling of being a different version of myself. Lightness in the chest. A freedom that, today, is an even stronger urgency.

How is this quarantine going? What are you looking forward to?
I try to exercise every day, I follow New York Pilates and The Class by Taryn Toomey on Instagram (trainer loved by the stars, ed). I do meditation and read a lot. For the next … I think of the day when I can hug my mother again. On a journey without telephone or computer, in nature. I would like to return to an intimate and deep connection with people. Living in technology we have almost forgotten it.

What does Boss Alive look like?
In the enthusiasm, and in the vanilla notes. My friends associate me with vanilla, I have an obsession with this smell, whether they are candles, soaps, perfumes. Always. It is one of my olfactory madeleines together with the scent of freshly baked cookies, which remind me of my mother.

Can you tell us some anecdotes about this campaign?
I shot with Chloe Bennet, Laura Harrier and Bruna Marquezine. I didn’t know any of them but the alchemy was immediate. Sing together What’s Up of the 4 Non Blondes by car, or on the streets of Los Angeles … super fun!

You made an album in 2005, do you still sing?
I would sing in a movie if the party asked for it. Actually, before the pandemic, I composed a song with my friend Lily Kershaw, who is an extraordinary singer. We were sitting in the kitchen with her guitar … She put it on her album, her name is Always & Forever.

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Opening: Emma Roberts shows the bottle of Boss Alive HUGO BOSS (photo by Keith Kandell), of which she is the testimonial. A documentary highlights the creative female talents behind the fragrance and its campaign: the nose Annick Ménardo, the designer Amélie Riech, the director Rebecca Zlotowski and the photographer Collier Schorr together with the four protagonists.

Read the full interview on the May issue of FashionTrends Italia (on newsstands)

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