Ethical and zero-km fashion: babaà knitwear

In the week in which Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week are celebrated, we interviewed an ethical and sustainable fashion brand: babaà is a knitwear brand Made in Spain and at zero km, signed by Marta Bahillo.

Marta, tell us about yourself

“I am a fabric designer, I have three children and I am the founder of babaà”.

Choose three adjectives to describe yourself

“Sincere, energetic, constant”

And what can you tell us about your ethical fashion brand?

“Babaà is family, love, care, home, quality, feeling good”

What does the name of your brand mean?

“It comes from a nursery rhyme,” baa baa black sheep “that I sang to my daughter, who is now 10 years old, when she was very young”

If I had to describe your brand with a word I would say “poetry”, for the idea of ​​knitwear (which is like a protective cocoon), because the clothes are made of natural fibers, last a lifetime, and are almost unisex, everyone can wear them, and for the color palette. Do you agree?

“Absolutely yes, I love poetry, I read poetry every day, for me it is like breathing, every day I read poetry to my husband and my children, it really makes me very happy that you say these things, I never thought about it, you Our last campaign was shot in Madrid, and in the mountains where I grew up, and I always put a poem on our mood board, this time it was a poem by EE Cummings that ends with the words “without breaking anything”, without to break anything, and that’s exactly how we try to do things, in the most respectful and peaceful and inclusive way possible, precisely, without harming in any way.

Spring is like a perhaps hand by E.E. Cummings

Spring is like a perhaps hand
(Which comes carefully
Out of Nowhere) arranging
A window, into which people look (while
People stare
Arranging and changing placing
Carefully there a strange
Thing and a known thing here) and

changing everything carefully

Spring is like a perhaps
Hand in a window
(Carefully to
And fro moving New and
Old things, while
People stay carefully
Moving a perhaps
Fraction of flower here placing
An inch of air there) and

without breaking anything “

Why do you only use materials purchased in Spain?

“I worked in Argentina for a couple of years for a large local brand, I designed the clothes of knitwear and I have worked with extraordinary family-owned businesses and yarn suppliers from Uruguay, as well as producing in part in China. At that moment I understood what was most important to me and how I could relate to my work in a more sincere way. When I returned to Spain and wanted to launch babaà I was very clear in my mind that everything had to be done locally and therefore I was happy to develop the collaborations as I had done in Argentina and Uruguay. It is a benefit for the environment and for the local textile industry, but it is also good for the soul and I am sure that this aspect is the most evident in our creations, I believe that our customers can perceive it “.

What does sustainability mean to you?

“This is a somewhat problematic word for me as it happens when a word is abused or used for the wrong reasons. For me it means supporting something, something that supports something else, we have to support things that last over time and that in turn can support something else, our animals, our people, trees, oceans using methods that precisely support all these aspects . For me, supporting literally means “to hold, to hold on”, to take care of something or someone, forever “.

How do you think the situation of coronavirus that we are experiencing can change our perception of fashion?

“At the moment I am not yet sure of it, time however that with less money available and with the feeling of having been deprived of freedom for a long time will push people to buy more fast fashion. My hope is that we will all stay connected but at a slower pace, to understand all together that doing things in a “slow” way is healthier, and it is the only way to support the things we really need, such as our Earth. We need each other to do this, so I hope more people can really change, and stick together, it would already be an important first step. Right now I really like reading the philosopher Hartmut Rosa, I appreciate his theory of deceleration and the concept of resonance, it is just like we try to be a babaà and I like how he explains his ideas, it is very reassuring to know that, yes, do things slowly and being more connected between us can make a difference, in our lives and in those of others “.

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