Even fashion in the sights of the Coronavirus

Even in the world of fashion people start talking about coronavirus. Not only for the solidarity competition that is uniting, globally, fashion houses, brands, companies and well-known faces, but also – and unfortunately – for cases of Covid-19 that seem to have hit world fashion weeks.

Specifically, it seems that a Vietnamese socialite and heiress attended the Milan fashion shows is Paris having contracted the virus but not yet developing symptoms. Only on her return to Vietnam did the girl begin to experience cough and flu which then resulted in the diagnosis of coronavirus.

After informing all her relatives and the maisons she had been a guest of during the fashion shows, the socialite (whose name we keep silent for obvious reasons) told her story to the New York Times triggering many violent reactions on the net that forced to deactivate his social profiles and cancel his participation in the Met Gala 2020One of the houses involved said that, despite the 21 days that have passed since the parade, they have nonetheless communicated to all the guests who have been close to the person infected with the situation, receiving “thanks and confirmation that they are all well”.

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