Exercises to do at home: 15 fitness influencers to follow

Exercises to do at home: 15 fitness influencers to follow

If you are looking for fun ideas about exercises to do at home (alone or with children, husbands / wives, cats and dogs in tow) we found 15 Instagram profiles of fitness influencer that, through videos, posts and comments, give excellent advice to stay in shape always, even when the gym is unreachable. From the professional personal trainer, to yoginis passing through a nutritionist (Italian) who is a teacher in suggesting delicious recipes and read at the same time.

Emily Skye

He founded the program FIT (Fitness Inspiration Transformation) which has 14 million fans and guarantees gym and non-gym training programs. On his profile excellent ideas for exercises to do at home too if you expect a child (she just had one).

Exercises to do at home: 15 fitness influencers to follow

Jen Selter
His are the best training sessions (so sanctioned the social people) dedicated to side B. Seeing is believing.

Kayla Itsines
Very famous also in Italy, he has abdominal steel (even post pregnancy) to aim for. In addition, he shares many photos of the before / after of those who undergo his training. And trust me they are highly motivational.

Megan Roup
He founded a school The Sculpt Society – where he mixes cardio and dance moves. In addition to his Instagram profile, where he suggests many exercises to do at home, he also created one app.

Mary Helen Bowers
Beloved by the models, one above all Doutzen Kroes, it offers an excellent alternative to the usual burpees: training with the classic dance.

Sofia Bronzed
Surgeon e clinical nutritionist has an approach to rational nutrition and perfectly suited to all lifestyles. Yes, even to those who use the oven to store sweaters like Carrie Bradshaw.

Cassey Ho
He created POP Pilates and on his Instagram profile he shares many mat exercises (ie on the mat) to do at home.

Amanda Bisk
He has a past as a pole dancer and a present as a yoga instructor. His advice focuses on toning and lo stretching.

Shona Vertue
His training is based on a mix of strength, cardio and yoga. She was the trainer of David Beckham and the cast of Wonder Woman.

Jessamyn Stanely
It is a reference for the Body Positivity, he does yoga at home and in any place where he is, sharing excellent advice.

Krissy Cela
It has the ability to make exercises easy for everyone strength and endurance. Both the pros and those who do not know what a plank will be comfortable with his training.

Jen Esquer
Its goal? Make people feel better. And in fact his homework exercises focus on mobility even of those who are in pain or are recovering from a stop.

Sohee Lee
Has estabilished ELT Method and its program has long-term well-being as its goal. On his profile he shares exercises and nutritional tips.

Brittne Jackson
He always has ideas fun – the training with the socks you find below is incredible! – so we guarantee that you will never get bored with her.

Giorgio Merlino
Boyfriend of Veronica Ferraro with whom he also shares the training program, he is a professional personal trainer who also founded a “philosophy”, you can find it here.

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