Eyelash Extension Remover is a Must for Faux Eyelash Fans

One of the simplest ways to get your eyelash extensions off is the use of eyelash glue remover. This works well to loosen the adhesive so you can get the extension off with ease. It is possible that the process has to be repeated and this way, it will ensure that everything is removed. Before you begin removing your lash extensions, be sure to read the directions on the packaging and follow every step, if you want the best results. Skipping eyelash glue remover means you may pull out your real lashes or risk causing pain or injury to your sensitive eyelids. Do yourself a favor and make sure you’ve got your hands on the right tools!

Eyelash Extension Remover
Eyelash Extension Remover

Remove Your Makeup First

Before you can remove your eyelash extension, you should consider removing any makeup that you may have applied. This is highly recommended. In doing so, the removal of your lash extensions will be so much easier for you. And moreover, it would take minutes instead of hours, if you have all the makeup removed.

The Faux Eyelash Removal Process

However, do remember that you should never use a makeup remover that is oil-based when you are wearing eyelash extensions. With the oil-based makeup, the adhesive will break down and your extensions will fall off. But, they won’t necessarily remove the glue from the band and you won’t be able to use your lash extensions again. So, it is best to soak a cotton pad or Qtip in the eye makeup remover. Then, you should press it over your eye for about two minutes. This will help to saturate the lashes and remove the glue; after which you would wipe the area gently for any excess residue. Repeat the process until you get your extensions off.

Steaming Your Face

To remove your lash extension, you can steam your face over a bowl of hot water while placing a towel over your head. It will loosen up the glue and after ten minutes of steaming, you will be able to easily remove it, but if that does not work right away, you might also want to try the cotton pad method discussed above.


The best way that you can remove your eyelash extension is to use a glue remover made for that purpose. Purchase a special gel eyelash extension remover that will get the job done not only quickly, but efficiently. The proper lash remover will make the process so much easier and you may save yourself from eye pain and sensitivity.

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