Fall Winter 2020/21 fashion: brand campaigns

Autumn winter 2020/21 fashion is immortalized in the shots of great photographers

The pre-collections autumn winter 2020 2021 they capture the essence of the season with garments and accessories that combine style and practicality. Anticipating what will be the trends of the year, i designer they combine their creative talent with that of photographers, directors is Models, which together create advertising campaigns with a strong visual impact, in which art and fashion merge. Here are the most beautiful campaigns fall winter 2020/21 fashion.


There pre-collection autumn winter 2020 2021 by Prada it focuses on color, an instrument that recalibrates and redefines classic design garments, giving it an almost surreal allure. Taken in London by the photographer David Sims and painted in New York under the guidance of the creative director Ferdinando Verderi and with styling by Oliver Rizzo, countryside Prada is thought of as an analysis of world changes, uniting humanity and technology, in a hybrid medium of communication, expression and creativity. The body and physicality are challenged through the abstract use of color, placed at the center of the scene, which highlights the material essence of the garments.

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