Fashion 2020: Jacquemus’ grandmother poses for her grandson

To queue for Jacquemus there is a line out. Simon Porte Jacquemus, creator of the brand, has always had an impressive list of it-girls (including the Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski) ready to pose for his campaigns and to parade on his catwalks (unforgettable one between the fields, in Provence). Now, however, for the launch of the spring summer 2020 collection, he relied on .. his grandmother. Ms. Liline he posed for three shots that Simon shared on Instagram.

If for the other testimonials – Bella Hadid, Rosalia and Barbie Ferreira – he had entrusted to FaceTime, thus remotely shooting in collaboration with the photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti, the portraits of grandmother Liline were taken live, at a safe distance. Madame embodies that French chic and simple style for which the brand has become famous.

Liline, from Instagram @jacquemus

Liline, from Instagram @jacquemus

Bella Hadid, from Instagram @jacquemus

Rosalia, from Instagram @jacquemus

The choice of the last, most personal testimonial – “special for me”Simon writes on Instagram – it’s a tender and fresh touch in a campaign dotted with stars who present garments such as a deep pink suit, a white top and a maxi dress, accessories such as sunglasses with colored lenses, platform sandals and dangling earrings . The impromptu casting finally proved two things: style has no age limit and Jacquemus inherited the good family taste.

Liline, from Instagram @jacquemus

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