Father’s Day: because it is celebrated on March 19th

Father’s Day will be celebrated all over Italy on 19th March. An occasion, a moment, an opportunity to gather, unfortunately these days in many cases virtually and remotely, with your family and say once again that you love each other.

But what are the origins of Father’s Day? And why is it celebrated on March 19th?

The origins of Father’s Day.

The history of Father’s Day is relatively recent. Specifically, it is necessary to go back to the beginning of the twentieth century and to the initiative of the American lady Sonora Smart Dodd. The woman, in 1908, after listening to a sermon in honor of Mother’s Day, decided to also want to celebrate the father figure by designing the first Father’s Day which was later institutionalized, on July 19, 1910, by the then Governor of Washington.

In Italy, Father’s Day was moved to March 19, the day of the feast of St. Joseph (father figure par excellence of Catholic culture). An emblematic date since already linked to pagan cults and holidays for the end of winter.

When is Father’s Day celebrated around the world?

While in Italy Father’s Day is celebrated on March 19th, in the rest of the world it is celebrated on other days of the year. In many countries, in fact, including the United States, Father’s Day is held on the third Sunday of June. In South Korea, on the other hand, it is May 8th while in Thailand it is celebrated in conjunction with the anniversary of the birth of the father of the nation Rama IX on December 5th. In Russia, however, the day dedicated to the fathers, defenders of the homeland, is February 23 while in Germany it coincides with the Ascension, exactly 40 days after Easter.

Why do we eat zeppole on Father’s Day?

March 19 is also the day when the zeppola is eaten, a typical dessert of Father’s Day whose tradition also sinks into the hagiography of San Giuseppe. It is said, in fact, that the father of Jesus, during the flight to Egypt, was forced to sell pancakes to support his family.

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