Fee for legally changing gender to drop to ‘about £5’ from £140

People wishing to legally change their gender will be able to do so for around £ 5 from next month instead of £ 140, government sources have said.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd: people will now have to pay around £ 5 instead of £ 140 to apply for a gender recognition certificate

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People will now have to pay around £ 5 instead of £ 140 to apply for a gender recognition certificate

Under the current Gender Recognition Act (GRA), a transgender person must undergo a two-year waiting period, examination or appearance before a specialized jury, in addition to paying £ 140, to legally change of sex.

LGBT + activists demanded that the system be replaced with a simple statutory declaration and self-identification.

But Equality Minister Liz Truss, following a public consultation launched in 2018, announced in September that the government had rejected calls for people to be able to self-identify their gender and change their gender. birth certificate without medical diagnosis.

Ministers at the time said reforming the 2004 gender recognition law was not the “top priority” for transgender people.

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Ms Truss said the cost of applying for a gender recognition certificate would be reduced to a “face amount” and transferred online.

Government sources said the fee would be reduced to single figures – around £ 5 – from May.

Some LGBT + groups have said the cost is a barrier to applying for a sex reassignment legally, but some say changing the fees is not enough.

Nancy Kelley, chief executive of LGBT charity Stonewall, said any fee “creates a barrier for some trans people” and called on the government to commit to a schedule of further changes to the process.

A spokesperson for the government’s equality center told Sky News: “The government is committed to making the process of applying for a gender recognition certificate as simple and dignified as possible.

“We are moving quickly to simplify this process and reduce costs and more details will be available shortly.”

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