Film 2020: The challenge of streaming wives

Film 2020. The challenge of wives available on demand

With the cinemas closed, the online streaming platforms become the virtual rooms where the new films arrive. After Bombshell with Charlize Theron (arrived on Amazon Prime Video), now it’s up to The challenge of wives, taken from a true story and directed by the director of Full Monty Peter Cattaneo, which can be streamed from April 25, for four weeks, on the main digital platforms: Sky Primafila Premiere, TimVision, Chili, Huawei Video, Rakuten Tv and Infinity.

Presented during the last edition of the Rome Film Festival, The challenge of wives born from a script written by two women, Rosanne Flynn and Rachel Tunnard, inspired by the phenomenon, born in 2011, of Military Wives Choirs, the choirs formed by the military’s wives at the front.

This in short the plot, which reflects a true story: the life of the wife of a soldier at the front can be ungrateful, but not for Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas), who faces the stress and monotony of his condition with strength and perseverance, dedicating himself to singing. When he manages to convince a group of wives in his own condition to form a choir, the Military Wives Choir which will have great and unexpected success.

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