Former PM Theresa May has her Covid vaccine, describes jab as

Theresa May has revealed that she received her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, describing the vaccine as “effective and painless.”

The former prime minister, 64, thanked the NHS for its “heroic efforts” during the pandemic, urging others to follow suit by getting vaccinated.

All those over 60 who have not yet received their coronavirus vaccine are now invited to make an appointment online.

Once everyone over 50 has been offered a first shot – expected by mid-April – the next priority groups will be everyone 40-49, followed by everyone 30-39. , followed by those aged 18 to 29.

The Maidenhead MP tweeted on Friday: ‘I just got my first hit with Covid-19.

“It’s safe, effective and painless.

“When it’s your turn, please #TakeTheVaccine.

Video: Kier Starmer says 3 in 10 are not self-isolating – and calls for £ 500 to be made available to anyone who needs it (Birmingham Mail)

Kier Starmer says 3 in 10 are not self-isolating – and calls for £ 500 to be made available to anyone who needs it



“It is only by protecting each other that we can beat this virus.

“Thank you to all the brilliant researchers, volunteers, NHS and military for their truly heroic efforts.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock tweeted: “The delighted former PM @Theresa_May got the hang of it. When your turn comes, take the jab. “

It comes as more than 19 million people in the UK have received their first stroke.

Covid cases are increasing in one in five local councils in the UK, it emerged today, amid warnings that the fight against the pandemic is a ‘battle we haven’t won yet’ .

Figures presented at a press briefing in Downing Street showed a “clear picture” of the national epidemic, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, despite a sharp drop in infections across much of the country.

And ahead of an expected sunny weekend, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy medical director, urged Britons to “not mess this up now” and stick to the lockdown rules.

It was also announced that people aged 40 to 49 would be next for the vaccine, with government advisers concluding that vaccination by age remains the fastest way to reduce the number of deaths.

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