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Of Friends for Central Africa we have already spoken to you. We have brought you to know its intentions, noble battles, initiatives, results and goals targets. We have introduced you to a team of volunteers who never give up, even in the face of the difficulties encountered daily in one of the poorest areas in the world.

And today, in the face of this emergency Coronavirus, the secular non-profit organization once again shows union and strength. Sunday 19 April at 9pm in fact there will be a great evening-event (virtual, of course, to be able to participate in the evening-event click go to the website in the company of actors and artists united, in fact, in fighting the emergency epidemic COVID-19 in the Central African Republic, supporting Friends for Central Africa, active and present in the territory since 2001.

In these days of forced quarantine, there are many artists who support NGOs and non-profit organizations in addressing the emergency epidemic COVID-19, offering moments of entertainment that give hope and create a direct dialogue with the public and their fans.

The evening-event of April 19, wanted by Paola Minaccioni, will feature some of his friends and colleagues gathered for the occasion, artists of the caliber of Anna Foglietta, Paola Cortellesi, Sarah Falanga, Francesco Pannofino is Arturo Muselli, in readings, poems, stories and music …

Paola Minaccioni – whom we interviewed about her relationship with the non-profit organization – says: “Isolation forces us to listen to what is happening inside us. The listening. And why not involve actors and artists in telling something about themselves, reading a poem live or revealing something about them? And why not do this by supporting those who are right now fighting, on the front lines and anywhere in the world, the COVID-19 emergency? “.

In addition to his, we listened to the voice Arturo Muselli, the Enzo Villa, called Sangue Blu, of one of the most popular TV series in Italy: Gomorrah. Ours too was a virtual chat, but of honest commitment and warmth that shines through, clearly, from his words. You can read them here.

“Gomorrah” actor Arturo Muselli

© Rosdiana Ciaravolo

How did you approach the non-profit organization friends for central africa?
“I met the non-profit organization Amici per Centrafrica during the tour theatrical Wandering Mines of Ferzan Ozpetek. At the end of the show there was a moment of sharing with the public regarding the mission of the non-profit organization (active since 2001 in the Central African Republic) “.

Can you tell us something about your participation in the evening?
“For the evening I thought of proposing a monologue written by me on how a Neapolitan prepares to recite a monologue by Shakespeare in English. The monologue is the summary of what I do with my theater company The Hats with which, in fact, we stage i play of Shakespeare in the original language “.

What is the first thing you will do at the end of lockdown?
“I think the first thing I will do at the end of lockdown be one race on the sea. Before regaining human relationships, I feel the need to regain possession of it space around me after being locked in four walls for a long time ”.

What did you learn from this certainly unique period?
“I think what is happening has shown how much the individual cannot ignore the other. We live in an era in which everyone is focused on pursuing their goals not considering those of collectivity. This situation, on the other hand, obliges us to take care of and respect others for a resolution that falls within the interests of the community. And this needs to be understood by everyone, not just the individual or the few. “

Can you reveal your future projects?
“In future projects there would be the fifth season of Gomorrah and the second tour theatrical Wandering Mines, but you have to wait for one reorganization of life in order to really start again. So one step at a time. “

The appointment is therefore for April 19th.

Hashtag of the evening #artistiesolidarieta

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