From textiles to masks for Coronavirus: the Miroglio case

The Italian textile company has converted part of the fashion production to make masks for the Coronavirus emergency

Emergency Commissioner Angelo Borrelli brought attention to the need for masks, explaining that in the current state of affairs in Italy alone 90 million are needed per month. A particularly high demand that clashes with a contained offer.

In times of emergency and crisis, Miroglio Fashion has not only closed its 900 stores ( #I stay at home) and converted administrative work into smart working but decided to activate a production network with its partners located throughout the country in order to succeed in make masks in the shortest possible time: currently 100 thousand a day are estimated.

Only a few hours after the appeal of the Piedmont Region, on the evening of 11 March, Miroglio presented a prototype in compliance with local health directives: after the checks, production immediately started. The first batch of 100 thousand was delivered to the Crisis Unit, already on Saturday 14 March, to help Civil Protection in a state of emergency.

In detail, these are not disposable masks, but thanks to a special anti-drip treatment – made entirely at the Miroglio Textile factory in Govone -, the product in STEFF cotton and elastane, can be used up to ten times.

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