From Vhernier, the book for coloring jewelry designs at home

After the album with sketches by Manolo Blahnik, Vhernier launch the book online Coloring Book dedicated to jewelry enthusiasts, with a selection of High Jewelery designs.

The virtual notebook is downloadable from the site for free and is composed of sketches from the collection animal Print, the limited edition masterpieces of microsculpture, originating from overlapping stones according to the technique of Transparency.

Vhernier is a forerunner of this process, which debuted in the first animal brooch, the Crab. The transparencies were born from the idea of ​​using beautiful but opaque stones, such as carnelian or coral, making their intense color bright thanks to the overlapping of rock crystal cabochons. In addition to the Crab, the collection offers the Chameleon, the Frog, the Toucan, the Caterpillar, the Turtle, the Penguin, the Snake and the Seashell. To these are added the earrings Balloon, chosen because they are made with the same exquisite technique.

A precious idea that tickles creativity, thus cultivating the art of beauty and removing stress from quarantine.

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