Gabriele Salvatores: the documentary film about Coronavirus in Italy

The Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores was chosen by Indiana Production is Rai Cinema to sign the direction of the film I travel to italy – a original testimony in memory of the dramatic historical moment that is going through Italy and the whole world. Salvatores’ story, forced like everyone else within the home, will come to life thanks to the video material shot by the citizens who, strictly at home, will want to tell about the actions and emotions of these days: how you spend time, what you see from your own windows, such as fears, reflections and thoughts accompany each of us, those at work and those at forced rest.

In recent days, in fact, through the Instagram pages @viaggioinitaliailfilm, @rai_cinema and @theindianaway, a appeal to anyone who wants to send unpublished materials with all the useful information on how to participate in the project. The search for materials will follow a chronology, starting to tell the beginning of the epidemic, when we looked at China thinking it was a distant thing, up to us and what we are experiencing today. The goal is to build, through the language of cinema, a multi-voiced portrait of the experience of these months.

All activities, from research, to assembly, to post and finalization activities, will be carried out and managed completely in smart working, through a network of collaborators who will work from home, respecting not only government directives, but also trying to experiment with a new way of working. The editor team will be headed by Massimo Fiocchi, historical collaborator of Gabriele Salvatores, and from Chiara Griziotti. The assembly will also take place entirely in smart working, the workstations will have access to the server from which the previously headed, viewed, cataloged, analyzed and finally selected videos can be downloaded.

“This is a great production challenge for Indiana to succeed in this difficult context to make the first film fully developed and produced in a smart working way – declares Indiana Production – A project created by collaborators from different backgrounds who will be managed according to the rules and the rules envisaged for normal production and with the utmost attention to compliance with the rules established by recent decrees “.

“The public service, even in the film sector, wants and must be present at a time when our country needs to feel cohesive – he says Paolo Del Brocco, CEO of Rai Cinema – for this reason we feel the need to act through the means of culture and cinema to carry out an operation on collective memory and the testimony of what we are all experiencing in this time. We know of the existence of various projects that go in this direction, all praiseworthy and fully legitimate, but we have chosen to rely on the gaze and experience of a great author like Gabriele Salvatores, with whom we have already shared the adventure of the collective film Italy in a day. This project will also represent an opportunity to give a job opportunity to many people, especially young people, who work in the world of cinema, and will be a way to react concretely and positively to the dramatic experience of these days that will remain engraved in everyone’s memory we”.

At the same time as this project, a fundraising initiative will be promoted which, together with any future benefits, will go to a national research institute that will be identified later.

VIAGGIO IN ITALIA, directed by Gabriele Salvatores, an Indiana Production production with Rai Cinema.

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