Game of Thrones: the TV marathon on Sky

The Game of Thrones TV super marathon has aired on Sky and Now TV since 26 March

The TV power to turn strangers into icons was already known in George Clooney’s time in E.R. or Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street and then Jennifer Aniston on Friends (which incidentally with a million dollars per episode made her the highest paid artist on TV, along with the five “friends” of the cast, of course).

It still happens today, with the phenomenon de Game of thrones, which – although concluded – is still far from finished. This is demonstrated by Sky’s choice to propose a marathon starting on March 26th. Eight uninterrupted seasons for a whole channel intended for the adaptation of the fantasy saga of George R.R. Martin (published in Italy by Mondadori), who also announced to fans that forced isolation led him to continue writing. The public hardly believe it, given that the series saw the word end long before the novels. And the writers, out of an excess of zeal – but then not too much – had the storylines of the characters told in advance.

When years ago a tasteless brunette presented the series at one of the first international events, the Monte-Carlo TV Festival, nobody could have imagined that she would become one of the most brilliant and sought after stars in Hollywood. One who incidentally refuses to do interviews that are not on the cover and allows herself with the dropper. Emilia Clarke, who plays in the series Daenerys Targaryen, assumes the demise of dragons even off the set. As if she were a diva of the past – not by chance chosen as a testimonial for Dolce & Gabbana – she became the face of romantic comedies, sick-lit adaptations and even the Terminator saga. In short, with unified networks.

And what about Harington kit? Jon Snow, the character accused of not knowing anything (in one of the cult jokes of the series), gave him not only a pass for the Olympus of the stars but also a wife, Rose Leslie, married in 2018. Galeotto was just the set, with isolation in Iceland. The actor, who will also be featured on Sky Cinema on April 10 of the film My life with John F. Donovan, has played a leading role (he too, as his colleague, has become the face of the male fragrance The one by D&G) , voiceovers of very popular cartoons (Dragon Trainer) and also a new series (Gunpowder). Not to mention the Marvel saga The Eternals who sees him again alongside a beloved face of the Game of Thrones, Richard Madden, in a cast led by Angelina Jolie.

Dragons are good for this record series: the 73 episodes, which led to 160 nominations and 59 Emmys won, also entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most downloaded show in the world. The throne fever has transformed the complete home video box set, Warner Home Entertainment (with over 15 hours of special content), as the most sought after Christmas gift 2019. The reason? One of the most delicate and moving moments of this jewel, namely the Reunion Special in Belfast with Conan O’Brien who brought together the cast present and past in a tribute to this pop phenomenon of the small screen.

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The fight without holds barred for the conquest of the famous throne has become a very powerful metaphor of current events and has focused on the dark side of humanity, without sparing scenes of violence or sex to tell about its brutality.

To fascinate the fandom, in addition to the events of the protagonists and the fans for the various families, the dynamics born within the cast have also thought about it. Not only love story, but also friendships for life, as best friends show Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams (Sansa and Arya Stark), which in London have revealed to have, as well as twins tattoos, even a secret handshake.

The farewell was really the end of an era, which is why the production gave each actor a personalized storyboard with the key scene of his alter ego. In short, tears in rivers that someone tries to play down. Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran) laughs at us: “I will found a club of children-actors traumatized by large sagas and I will invite Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, ed.) To join it”. In short, winter has arrived, but it will not pass so quickly.

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