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If looking at the photos of the President of the United States last week Donald Trump you had the feeling that there was something different about him, well, you are not the only ones. While out of the White House to update the country on the COVID-19 crisis, Trump – and yes, his grey hair – have become the most discussed issue on Twitter.

It was March 30 at the daily conference to update on the emergency Coronavirus. Small gusts of wind blew on the President’s hair putting him in a position to face what is now a legend: Trump brings the toupee? “The hair flutters around me, and it’s mine,” said Trump. And if the fact that the President of the United States needs to make every situation revolve around his person is not new, Twitter users were curious about the change in hair color.

At night, in fact, Trump’s “classic” orange hue has been replaced by shiny gray hair. Giving life to various theories. A Twitter user speculated that Trump is looking for a more look sober for the race to the Presence of 2020. Another wondered if it was an example social distancing: I can’t go to the hairdresser and therefore I don’t dye my hair. And therefore, if the latter were the case, Trump would have relied on a municipality home dyed? Or finally … After ignoring having downplayed the dangerous nature of COVID-19, lo stress the emergency is having repercussions (also) on your hair?

The historian Alexis Coe, author of the best seller of the New York Times You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George Washington, believes that the latter theory is unlikely. While Coe acknowledges that being a president ages a person, he does not believe that Trump’s gray hair is a sudden physical manifestation of emotional tension, but rather a studied strategy. “I think it’s a kind of manipulation of the American public. He wants to show citizens that he’s also suffering,” he explains. “Trump is trying to distract attention from how he handled the emergency, which is late and with dangerous and sometimes fatal messages.”

If it is an intentional strategy, there are precedents. Coe cites a case where George Washington he exposed his vulnerability as he faced rebellion at the end of the revolutionary war in 1783. “Gentlemen, you must forgive me, because not only did I get gray hair but I also went blind in the service of my country,” said Washington, extracting a pair of glasses while reading aloud to his troop. “Nobody had ever seen him wear glasses and the soldiers were incredibly moved,” explains Coe. “They interpreted it as a gesture [in cui] Washington admitted that he understood their grievances. It is one of his best known stories and many presidents are inspired by him. ” However, Coe notes that since Trump appears to show no interest in Presidential or American history, he is unlikely to be “paying homage” to George Washington.

“Trump has looked the same iconic, this caricature of a businessman for decades,” adds Coe. “He wants to be recognized as easily as a car salesman could be, so this is a truly amazing initiative.” If getting gray was really Trump’s conscious choice, it’s almost certain that the idea is not his. “Trump hates changing his appearance, so he’s likely to have listened to his collaborators.”

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