Hailey Bieber Wore Latex Leggings With Heels in NYC

If there’s one thing Hailey Bieber has shown us this year, it’s that there’s nothing wrong with dressing up if you want to, even though our lives have changed immeasurably. Sure, she wears leggings, bike shorts, and sweatpants just like us, but she also wears heels, high waisted jeans, blazers and other things we wore before the pandemic.

Case in point: Last night when she was out for dinner with the other Bieber in New York City, she was wearing an outfit that is basically the opposite of what you would think of wearing in this new era, and I kinda love her for that . Bieber wore a complete Saint Laurent look, consisting of a leather trench coat (which I passed out on), a flowy blouse, a wide belt and the main characters: latex leggings and heels. I can’t say I’ve worn this jumpsuit in my life, but Hailey Bieber really makes me want it.

Keep scrolling to see how cool she looks and shop for some latex leggings that are really chic.

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