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THE Hair collected they are always a good idea. Like the colored sandals and the black sheath dress. Because if it is true that some are brought for the trim and the tint home made (in the case here there are two guides dedicated both to hair cutting and coloring) for most of us – Chiara Ferragni included – it is better to hide the scissors and brandish in their place clips, clothespins, scrunchies and scarves. Here then 20 perfect hairstyles for this period of quarantine thought for all types of hair: from long and straight hair through short and curly hair without forgetting the bob.

1. Hair collected: the video how to with a scarf

A video to create one of the trendiest hairstyles of the season step by step.

2. Headband with bat tail and bow

Super chic with a “girly” touch given by the velvet bow.

3. Row in the middle and low bun

It is a must that never goes out of style. Look at this article to believe it.

4. Low tail with maxi bow

A satin ribbon is enough to make the easiest of hairstyles sophisticated.

5. Low tail and mini jewel accessories

Have you ever tried to use an earring in your hair?

6. Low tail and colored clothespins

One rule: go big or go home.

7. Low tail with alternative “elastic”

Of course, bringing the hair gathered in this way into the house may seem excessive. But you might as well try now that you have time, don’t you?

8. Free tuft and “oblique” line

Ideal for those with straight or slightly wavy hair.

9. Smooth tail and maxi bow (version 2)

As for point 4 it takes little to be chic.

10. Tail with herringbone braid detail

Dedicated to the most expert (or to anyone who can ask someone to make the braid).

11. Curly hair with high tail and baby hair

If you have afro hair, this is the crop for you.

12. Loose curly hair with maxi pop hairpins

Here too the green light for imagination. Only rule: leave your hair super natural.

13. Bob hair with half tail and bow

The tip: tie the hair first with an elastic band, lightly cotton the crop and then apply the bow.

14. Soft low tail with scrunchie

Easier than that!

15. Low bun with clasp

Just “bend” the lengths on themselves to get this effect.

16. Tall chignon e tendrills 90’s

The most loved hairstyle by the stars.

17. Loose curly hair with knotted band

Bandanas and light scarves can also be used.

18. Headband with mini bun half-tail

For those who love a look a little messy.

19. Tail with maxi scarf

As for it scrunchie also here minimum “expense” maximum yield.

20. Tail with minimal chic detail

You can also try with a pin.

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