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For every Google search on guide to the DIY tint (or home because that’s what it is), there is a woman who regretted having postponed the appointment with the hairdresser when it was still possible to go. Or who thought: “Jane Fonda was right, going from blond to gray, in unsuspicious times, was the right choice to make”. Whoever managed to have one of the last appointments is resisting better, moreover, this is also part of learning to appreciate the little things we took for granted.

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Then, in the femenology of women struggling with the regrowth, there are those who are in the middle phase. He had done the color a week before lockdown and now manages to camouflage i White hair simply making soft hairstyles or wavy styling that does not highlight the gray strands. In the last category there are all the women who were already at the limit before closing and who now find themselves where to do the tint: at home, yes, but never scruffy.

Hair Touch Up by L’Oréal Professionnel. A spray that is applied to dry hair directly on regrowth. It goes away after a shampoo.

Schwarzkopf Regrowth Retouch, a temporary retouch available in four shades.

How to choose the color

Rule number one: never trust the representation image of the colors you find in the supermarket: the result will never be the same. To avoid disasters with the do-it-yourself tint, who knows when an expert will solve, the best thing is call the hairdresser trusted and get advice on the color and type of product to buy. “I advised my clients to cover the regrowth with one water coloring, therefore without oxygen “, explains Tommaso Incamicia, owner of My Place Hair Studio in Milan. “They are direct colors that do not penetrate inside (and therefore perfect for everyone, including pregnant women, ed), the pigment wraps the hair covering the white. This overlap does not change the structure of the hair fiber and allows you to cover and at the same time to correct any errors in a short time. It is a palliative between one color and the other that does not leave the regrowth effect “.

The water coloring to use at home

The plus of this tint is that it goes away with approx 15 washes. If the shade is wrong, then, just wait for some shampoo to return as before or achieve the desired result. With the peace of mind of the hairdresser who, when everything is back to normal, will not have to work and stress your hair for months, before being able to put your head back in place. It will simply be like one of those friends who have not seen each other for a long time, but with whom 10 minutes of chatter are enough to reset the distances and make things come back as before. “The water coloring, like L’Oréal Chromative or Color Fresh by Wella, they are easier to apply at home also because they are direct and they should not be mixed. You can buy them online, or those who do not feel confident enough can contact me for one consulting free via Instagram and, thanks to my distributor, I can do deliver the kit directly to your home “.

How to do the tint at home

“First you need to wash your hair with shampoo and dry it. Then I recommend focusing only on regrowth. As I said, the water coloring can be applied directly to the hair. The pointed shape of the applicator is used to color and separate the various strands. After about 15 minutes, I can mix the remaining color with a mask and apply it on the ends and lengths to give the hair shine, being careful not to touch the one already applied at the root. I wait another 20 minutes and then rinse everything together with a light shampoo. Be careful though: this only applies to those with a hair color ‘homogeneousThat is, without lightening or similar “, says Tommaso Incamicia. “The mix of color and conditioner is also perfect for those who only have a few white threads and want to revive the color a little“.

Who should wait to return to the hairstylist

“This coloring it doesn’t make much sense for those who have i dark hair who only have a few white hair because it wouldn’t cover enough. For bleaches that are bleached or have lighter shades, I advise you not to try oxygen because it is very common for the color to turn, for now it is better to just cover the white “. For balayage and lightening baby lights, we can wait for summer.

Davines, Alchemic Creative Conditioner with direct pigments.

L’Oréal Paris Velvet Purple Anti-yellow conditioner.

TIGI Copyright Color Shampoo, maintains the bright color.

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