Harry and Meghan: Anna’s “grooming” arrives

There is something that is undeniably going on within the Royal Family. And it’s something that is being made up one day at a time. One declaration at a time. On one side of the statements by the friend of the Sussexes, Jane Goodall, who tells of Harry’s difficulty in getting used to his new life. On the other, an interview, one of the very rare interviews, to Princess Anne who wanted to groom the new generations of royals.

The princess, who has always been recognized as a true workaholic, underlined how she spent ten years inquiring and doing work on the front line with Save the Children (one of the associations it sponsors) before knowing how to properly intervene in a public debate. “You no longer look at the older generations saying” Ah, did you do this? ” or “Did you go there?”. Today they are more like “Here, let’s do it in a different way”.

“I am in that phase” added the princess “in which I think” Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. We went so far, we did those things. Some worked, some didn’t. You have to go back to the fundamentals. ” Hard not to think that, between the lines, there is not a message to Harry and Meghan on the management of their public offices and their weight within the company. Especially since Anne has taken on some of the real duties that Harry has given up with his divorce from the royal family. A full-blown grooming that, perhaps, should give Sussexes the right size of how their steps outside the Royal Family are perhaps not particularly well seen. Or perhaps yet another tear towards a definitive break without return.

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