Harry and Meghan delete their Instagram profile

In these days marked by the coronavirus pandemic, some deadlines have literally disappeared. Among them, the farewell of Harry and Meghan at the Royal Family who, for the agreements made with the Queen, will officially step back from the members of the royal family and of the English monarchy from tomorrow 1 April. The first official repercussion of Megxit, however, was not long in coming and has already appeared today March 31: the couple of Dukes of Sussex have in fact announced the closure of their Instagram profile SussexRoyals and, at the same time, the closure of their website too.

The announcement, of course, came precisely through the couple’s Instagram profile, with a post with which they thanked the entire community who followed them by sending a message of support to all those who are facing the covid-19 emergency. “Even though you may not see us here, we continue to work. Thanks to this community, for the support, inspiration and shared commitment to give the best to the world. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, take care of yourself and others “

More than a farewell, as Harry and Meghan themselves wrote, a goodbye with news that, we are sure, will not fail to communicate to us as soon as possible.

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