Harry and Meghan: sensational new revelations

The Coronavirus emergency had a strange effect on Harry and Meghan’s life. After a real binge of news following their divorce from the Royal Family, it is now as if the couple lived in a sort of bubble separate from the world. Except for the few statements received from friends and the grooming from relatives and with the exception of the announcement of the charity Archewell, however, remained under track, of the Dukes of Sussex and former senior royals, little or nothing is known. This is why, the emergence in a short time of many news and revelations around the two dukes, has created a not insignificant buzz. All the more if you consider that the news in question really has a considerable weight.

Starting with the emergence of some important details on the cause between Harry, Meghan and the editor of The Mail on Sunday. After the two Sussexes called the tabloid to bar for publishing extracts from a letter from Meghan to her father, blatantly violating her right to privacy. But the couple decided to go all the way, presenting a defensive memory in which it is underlined how the tabloid has deliberately omitted a whole series of details to tell a Meghan ready to abandon her hospitalized father.

In the heavy and rich folder it was possible to read the escalation of concern of both Meghan and the still-not-son-in-law Harry who even left a message to Thomas on the morning of his wedding. The couple’s messages tell of a daughter who is worried about her father’s health who tries in every way to get in touch with him, also taking personal initiatives such as making two “assistants” available to the man for any emergency. Assistants who, after being sent away by the man, were however made available to him.

Meghan to Good Morning America

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Among the various messages, the most emblematic is the one written by Harry to Thomas after the man had tried to sell shots that saw him preparing to prepare for the royal wedding to the paparazzi, embarrassing the royal family.

“Thomas, you really don’t have to apologize, we understand the situation but putting everything in the square will only make things more difficult. If you love Meg and you want to do the right thing call me since there are at least a couple of solutions that don’t involve talking to the media that are in fact responsible for all these misunderstandings. Meg and I are not angry, we just want to talk to you. ” Obviously the message then fell on deaf ears.

Instead, what hasn’t fallen on deaf ears seems to be a confession from a friend of Meghan, who remained anonymous, who in the Daily Mail allegedly said that Meghan would intend to have another child. A statement that sounds particularly strange given the zero engagement policy (i.e. no contact of any kind) announced by the Sussexes with an official letter to the English tabloids and, I imagine, even to the closest friends.

“Meghan jokingly said she needs a frugolotto,” said the source, “lights up when she talks about Archie. She said she’s an energy bomb and she prefers to play rather than sleep.” Who knows if it’s already time for little Archie to learn how to be an older brother?

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