Harry and Meghan: the farewell out-of-office

Harry and Meghan have officially said goodbye to the Royal Family. After the cancellation of the Instagram account and the closure of their site, the Dukes who have now moved within the United States have also activated the “the last goodbye” option.

A day after the official farewell from the occurred Megxit, now also the email of the two Dukes is definitively unreachable. The staff has officially entered the final out-of-office that puts an end to Royal Sussexes communications.

By writing to the email of the two Dukes you can receive this automatic reply: “Thanks for your email. The office of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is now closed”.

A final passage that therefore marks the interruption of the “official” life of the Sussexes who, from today, will no longer be followed by the staff of the Royal House which will no longer comment officially on anything concerning the two Dukes. Whose silence, no doubt about it, in these difficult days, starts to get heavier than ever.

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