Harry and Meghan: the iconic shot explained by the photographer

Harry and Meghan in a photo that made history

In the last week in which they appeared in public as royalty, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been photographed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times. But one image in particular stood out among the others:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle under an umbrella on their way to the Endeavor Fund Awards with the rain pouring down around them. They look at each other, both with a radiant smile. Behind them, a camera flash fires, illuminating the entire scene.

More than a street image in London, it looked like a movie poster, which was fully emblematic of the couple’s natural media power. The photo spread almost immediately on social media, with many comments on how happy the couple looked. Someone, considering it was their last official engagement as royalty, he even called it iconic.

The author of the shot is Samir Hussein, an award-winning photographer from Getty Images and official photographer of the British royal family for over 12 years. In a declaration a Vogue, Hussein explained how exactly he managed to capture that intense moment.

When Hussein arrived at the event, he thought it wasn’t going to be a great evening.

“It was raining heavily, which can be very annoying when taking pictures with the flash. It also meant that Harry and Meghan would be sheltered by an umbrella, which made it difficult to take good pictures of the couple. “

It happened instead of what seemed like a problem became an advantage.

“I certainly couldn’t imagine that those factors would have combined in such an extraordinary way to create an eternal image “.

After talking to the Dukes of Sussex press officer, Hussein says he learned that Harry and Meghan would get out of the car about ten meters from the entrance of the Mansion House, where the event was held. He reached the space for photographers and placed himself where he could best.

“As they came towards me, I saw a camera flash behind them. I knew that if that light had been right behind them as they walked, a sensational photo could have come out because it would act as a backlight as in a studio shot. I was able to move in order to align the flash as I wanted, and then I had to act quickly, with just one or two seconds to take the picture while they exchanged that wonderful smile. “

At the time, Hussein didn’t know what the photo was like – with the rain and flashes of all the other cameras, it was likely to become crap. But once downloaded to the laptop, he found that he had succeeded.

“It is a case in a million, when all the factors in which a photographer can hope come together – perfect timing, excellent light, great meaning and beautiful subjects,” He says.

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