Harry finds ex-royal life a little tough

What is life like as an ex-Royal? “A little demanding”. Word of Harry, Duke of Sussex and was a member of the English royal family which he confided to Jane Goodall, your dear friend, to be experiencing an unexpectedly stimulating moment. Where the term unexpectedly, perhaps, should not be understood as a pleasant thing. At least according to the doctor who revealed that the ex prince is experiencing a “challenging” moment due to the set of great changes in the couple’s life: from divorce from the family, to the transfer to the States passing through the forced stop in the development of their new Archewell adventure due to the Coronavirus emergency.

To this it must be added that, at least always in the words of Goodall who remained in contact with Harry for their shared passion for environmental issues, Harry is literally distancing himself from his past. According to what stated at Daily Mail Weekend MagazineDuring one of the doctor’s visits, Harry allegedly denied that the boy is following the royals style in education.

“When I had little Archie in my arms,” ​​said the doctor, “I made him do the” royal bow “by saying” I suppose he must learn to do it “and Harry replied,” No, it’s not growing that way ” “.

For our part we cannot understand if we are facing a more relaxed and relaxing life change for everyone or if all this paints a situation of profound concern in the life of the two Dukes of Sussex.

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