Here’s What You Should Do To Your Nails This Winter Season

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As the seasons change, so does every part of your beauty routine. Your skin care regimen adapts to accommodate the colder climate, you shift your makeup from warm, bright tones to cooler tones and matte finishes, and of course, you change the color of your nails to reflect the moody nature of the season. And while there are staples you can revisit each year – like deep vampy tones, sparkles, and holiday-themed artwork – this year’s winter nail trends are even more so. fun. “Winter nail designs don’t always have to be ‘winter wonderland’, ‘dark undertones’ or ‘Christmas sparkle’,” says Samantha Birkett-Leigh, CND Ambassador for ‘education. “In fact, in the living room, I very rarely get asked for typical winter designs. I’ve also seen a shift in social media over the past few years. ” She continues, “Nail professionals and clients are much more inclined towards something original, and seem to follow the on-trend fashion designers they see during Fashion Week and in glossy magazines. They are inspired by art galleries, pottery and nature. “Below, take a look at some of this year’s top nail trends, according to some of the industry’s most in-demand nail artists and educators.

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Simple chic: neutrals with a touch of sparkle

“The New Year often symbolizes a new beginning for many people,” says Amy Le, editorial and famous nail artist. “What better way to start the New Year with a clean, chic manicure? I often go for neutral tones with bursts of sparkle.” The often uses negative space and clear Gel X extensions, along with loose decals, foils, and glitter, to create layered, multi-dimensional art.


Skittles Mani: a different color or design on each finger

“I expect to see a lot of [Skittle] manicures, “says nail artist Katie Masters.” There is something so simple and fun about these manicures. Colors that don’t make sense together all with one hand make sense… I mean, come on – I love it. “She continues,” This is something that I can’t stop doing on myself. It also challenges your brain a bit to get a bit weird and not be afraid of doing things wrong. It’s a manicure style accessible to everyone inside and outside the salon – no background art is needed. Just play! Le concedes that this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, adding, “This style allows people to add a little more pizzazz to a standard single-colored base manicure. It’s nail art without the extra time in the chair!


Abstract nail art: the reseller’s choice

“Abstract art work is particularly subjective to the viewer, which means it’s very satisfying to create as an artist and can take you in many different directions,” says Birkett-Leigh. “You can use any color scheme, and it can be as complicated or as simple as you and your client want.” She tries everything from a few simple brush strokes in one or two colors, to more complex layered designs made up of many colors and materials. “Abstract art is easy for the consumer to recreate at home because they can use whatever varnish they have,” adds Birkett-Leigh. “It’s also great for people who wouldn’t call themselves particularly ‘arty’ or have a steady hand. Go ahead, and see where this takes you.”


Updated glitter: like the classic, only better

While a classic glitter polish is always perfect for the winter and the holidays, there are ways to enhance your “nailfie” a bit while still maintaining a bit of glamor. Le likes to incorporate an ombre technique to blend the glitter into a solid neutral polish. You can also add even more dimension by adding larger pieces of glitter (like glitter or other decals!) On top of the loose glitter, like Le did with the stars in this example.


Animal print: it’s no longer limited to leopard

“It’s not winter without tortoise shell nail art,” says Masters. “This manicure is dark, brooding, and cozy at the same time. It goes with everything and has so much depth.” She explains that this is not a design that is super accessible to novice nail artisans as not many people have the tools and supplies needed for it. Instead, she recommends trying press-ons – like the one she creates and sells on her website – if you’re not yet comfortable returning to the salon. Birkett-Leigh adds: ” Animal print is the gift a nail professional continues to give. It seems like it has become a staple pattern, which can also be created in many different colors and materials. Gone are the days of simple leopard print – that’s still very popular, to be honest – but now we see turtle, cow, poisonous tree frog and python. The list goes on. “She saw a more modern twist on popular prints: the incorporation of negative space and deconstructed impressions are increasing. These looks can be created in any color palette to match any aesthetic.


Natural stones: beyond marble nail art

“Customers are really enjoying the natural stone trend this winter,” says Birkett-Leigh. “I love the depth that can be created by encapsulating iridescent leaves, chrome flakes and metallic foils. The more depth you can add, the more authentic the ‘stone’ will be. ” Try different colors, different patterns and play around with the encapsulation techniques.

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