Hermès: a store reopens in China and it’s a record-breaking collection – Vogue

The Hermès flagship store in Guangzhou is located in Taikoo Hui, a huge five-star commercial district in the middle of Guangdong province, the richest area in China. It is a brand new 500 square meter boutique (it was Prada until some time ago) with a large minimal and contemporary facade.

Four months after the explosion of the Coronavirus emergency, on Saturday 11 April, on the eve of Easter, the Hermès boutique has finally reopened its doors and is said to have cashed in just one day 19 million renminbi, or 2.7 million dollars.

This is not data disclosed by the French luxury maison, but deductions made on the basis of statements on Chinese social media such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu of the best Hermès customers who say they have purchased not only fashion garments and accessories but also furniture and design pieces . In addition, among the information regarding the shipments made from the head quarter to the Chinese headquarters it is said that there were several rare models of bags including even a diamond-studded birkin. Sold, it is said!

If confirmed, it would be the highest ever for a single boutique in China. It is an injection of confidence for the all over the world fashion sector.

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