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Be prepared to download even one or more app workout at home directly to your mobile phone. This is, in fact, the best guarantee of a professional training, which allows you to sculpt your body without running the risk of injury or sweating a lot by completely mistaking your movements. Here, then, are 7 of the best apps for a workout within the home walls.

1 Nike Training Club
A selection of over 185 free workouts signed by the well-known brand of sportswear. You can choose between strength and endurance exercises, without forgetting yoga and mobility sessions, all with the support of qualified experts (the Nike Master Trainers). Interesting is the possibility to customize your training program according to your goal, starting level, lifestyle, etc. etc. Info: www.nike.com

2 SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness
Dedicated to women, it is the largest women’s fitness community in the world. The guide is the internationally renowned personal trainer Kayla Itsines who, together with other PTs, offers cardio and toning circuits. Not only that: in addition to training, the app offers nutritional guides to support it. Free for the first week. Info: https://www.kaylaitsines.com/

3 Pocket Yoga
2019 is also the year of slow training, which does not necessarily make you sweat. So download this app now, which shows the yoga positions on the smartphone screen (and in addition it has a captivating animated graphic!). Are you making your debut in the world of Asanas? Do not panic: an accurate dictionary is available that explains each movement very clearly. Info: www.pocketyoga.com

4 Push Ups Pro
If your goal is to strengthen your biceps, here is the home training app for you. What it does is count the risers and push-ups and calculate the calorie consumption from time to time. Not only that: you can set your body building goals and get a customized training regimen. The promise: tone the muscles of the arms (user reviews are rave!). Info: itunes.apple.com

5 Keep, the home trainer
In the database over 400 exercises, to choose between cardio and HIIT training, others for toning, others for strength, other slimming. What unites the various workouts is that they do not require equipment: just use your body weight to perform the various exercises. And so you save more money, in addition to the gym and personal trainer. Info: www.keepkeep.com

6 30 day Fitness Challenge
For bodyweight training, here is an app that encourages you to improve your fitness in a month of training aimed at strengthening the thighs, arms, buttocks or abs, but also putting down unwanted kilets. Created by professional coaches, it spreads the program over 30 days, also in this case by marrying the philosophy of personalization. Info: itunes.apple.com

7 Virtuous
An application that incentivizes and rewards people who choose to follow a healthy lifestyle. The concept is simple, but ingenious: the more you commit, the more you earn. The opportunity to challenge colleagues is also amusing, as well as pluses such as sleep analysis and guided meditation path. Info: www.healthyvirtuoso.com

Download your favorite app, here are some tips for the pre and post workout phase.

Never skip warm-up: it helps to avoid the risk of injury, preparing the muscles for the next job and improving overall flexibility.

It would be advisable to have a snack an hour or two before sport, perhaps choosing a balanced bar to ensure the correct nutrients. The consumption of food during the half hour following training is also very important, to start muscle recovery.

Never forget about hydration before and after sport. Natural water or, if necessary, hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic drinks, enriched with sugars or salts. Remember that when you are under-hydrated your athletic performance is affected.

Depending on the sport you play, it may be appropriate to help yourself with tailored supplements. As explained by naturopath and nutritionist Laura Quinti, “it is always necessary to differentiate according to the discipline practiced, intensity and frequency. If yours is a resistance training, carnitine optimizes the metabolism of fats, while BCAAs (branched amino acids) are useful after 40/50 minutes of prolonged physical activity to rebalance the energies, promote protein synthesis and decrease catabolic phenomena ».

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