Homemade pizza and bread: the recipes of the best experts

Homemade pizza and bread

There is no more flour in supermarkets, it will mean something. The Italians – who in the quarantine time put themselves in the kitchen more than usual – pointed straight on the leavened products. Pizza and bread “as if there was no tomorrow” but tomorrow there is and hopefully it is close so it is appropriate to improve so as to prepare the best pizzas even when the quarantine ends. Take advantage of the precious advice of some great Italian pizza makers and bakers. Your preparations will never be the same again!

Lorenzo Sirabella – Dry in Milan

In the pizza hemisphere in Milan, the young Ischian Lorenzo Sirabella stands out, a class to be sold and above all a Campania wrist strengthened with the first steps taken alongside the master Enzo Coccia. He grew up alongside him learning the secrets of authentic Neapolitan pizza until today he came to take care of the leavened products in the two sophisticated Milanese clubs Dry. Not an easy challenge as the pizzas are paired with the studied cocktails by Federico Volpe. More than a winning result: the pizzas bring together the products of the Italian tradition and Sirabella enhances them with technique and thoughtful flair.

Stuffed fried pizza

Stuffed fried pizza by Lorenzo Sirabella

© Luciano Furia

Dough ingredients (for 8 100g fried pizzas)
500 gr type “0” or “00” flour
300 gr cold water
15 gr salt
2g dry yeast or 5g fresh yeast

Filling ingredients
500 gr roasted or sautéed mushrooms
200 gr bacon
250 gr taleggio
400 gr provola

Pour the water into a bowl and dilute the yeast.
Gradually add 30% of the flour without forming lumps, add the salt and continue to knead adding the rest of the flour, little by little, until a smooth, elastic and soft dough is obtained.
Leave the dough to rest for 3h covered with a damp cloth at room temperature.
After 3 hours, form loaves of about 100 g and let them rise for about 7-8 hours, laying them on a little flour and always covering them with a damp cloth.
Once the loaves are well risen, spread them evenly by pressing with your fingertips.
Stuff half a disc of pasta with smoked provola, taleggio cheese, roasted mushrooms and bacon.
Close the half-moon pasta disc, being careful to join the edges well with great precision, so as to avoid the leakage of ingredients during cooking.
Lift the pizza from the “belly” or from the sides with both hands, dip in the oil at 180 ° C and cook for about 1 minute on each side.
Once cooked, dry well with paper towels and serve hot!

Secrets & Tips
To melt the ingredients well and mix everything together, leave the ingredients at room temperature 15 minutes before frying the pizzas; cut the Taleggio cheese and provola very thinly. Use a little flour to roll out the pizzas and sprinkle the excess before dropping in the oil. Preferably use sunflower oil with a high oleic acid content

Arcangelo Zullo – The Source in Guardiagrele (Ch)

One of the best pizzerias in Abruzzo and Italy in which to eat decidedly unusual pizzas prepared with long leavening doughs, of different hydration, whole and with spelled. Arcangelo Zulli is immersed in the Majella National Park and stands out for its creativity and for the excellent selection of the raw material, including the numerous Slow Food presidia. The menu offer is very wide, as is the mastery in the world of leavening.

General (homemade) recipe for pizza and bread

1000 gr 00 or 0 flour
650 gr water
8 g brewer’s yeast
20 g salt
30 gr EVO oil
20 gr honey

Mix flour, water and yeast to a semi-smooth consistency, add the other ingredients and proceed until you have a smooth dough. Place in a large, lightly greased container covered with cling film for 30 minutes. Refrigerate for 12 hours. The following morning, pull out of the fridge and heat for 2 hours at room temperature. Portion (250gr for pizza and 800gr for bread), always cover with cling film and after an hour spread evenly in disposable aluminum trays of 26 cm greased for pizza, in a colander with a cloth for bread. After 6 hours (or doubled dough) season the pizza as desired and bake in a preheated oven at the maximum temperature until cooked. For the bread, turn upside down and make the cross, bake at 250 degrees and after a few minutes lower at 200 degrees and cook until golden brown. Precautions: when portioning, close the dough on itself so that it can take strength.

Pizza “Favolè”

Pizza with fava bean cream

© Pizza Favolé – The Source

1 disc of pasta
2 spoons of fava bean cream
70 gr of shredded vaccine
30 gr of fresh whole beans without skin already boiled
8 thin slices of seasoned bacon
canestrato pecorino cheese from Caste dl monte (AQ) to taste
extra virgin olive oil to taste

For the fava bean cream, boil the beans, whisk with a drizzle of oil, salt

Roll out the pasta disc, spread the fava bean cream, add the shredded cow’s milk, the fresh fava beans and a round of oil. Once the cooking is finished, lay the seasoned bacon, grate the pecorino and finish with a round of extra virgin olive oil.

Antonello Cioffi – La Piedigrotta in Varese

Outside there is Varese, inside the Amalfi Coast that Gaetano Cioffi recreated in 1974 in a small tributary street of Piazza del Podestà. Flour has passed through his hands to this day, where the worthy successor Antonello Cioffi is to follow up on such white craftsmanship. In Piedigrotta his creativity awakens and is contaminated by the Apulian soul of his wife Daniela. It goes well beyond the pizzeria, so much so that the place has become Krug Ambassade and the pizza-champagne pairings are phantasmagoric. Try to believe even these days with active home service.

Galactic Lasagna

Ingredients for 4 people)
4 sticks of pasta of about 220 gr each
80 gr of yellow tomato sauce
60 gr of basil sauce
150 gr of buffalo casatica *
4/5 medium asparagus (about 150 gr)
80 gr of Parmigiano Reggiano / Grana Padano flakes
20 gr of flaked almonds
60 gr of salted cacioricotta flakes
extra virgin olive oil
a pinch of salt

* Semi-seasoned cheese with a flowery rind, with a pearly white, soft paste, and with a delicate and creamy flavor like buffalo milk itself. The white, velvety rind determines its inviting appearance and pleasant taste.

Spread 4 discs of dough with a classic diameter of 28/30 cm.
Each disc is seasoned with 1 of the 4 ingredients: yellow tomato sauce or preserve, basil sauce (simple emulsion of fresh basil leaves and cold EVO oil, with a pinch of salt to preserve the bright green of the basil), casatica of buffalo mozzarella (alternatively an Italian cheese with a flowery crust), sauteed asparagus.
Sauteed asparagus must be made separately in this way: cut into small pieces of about 1 cm, put in a pan with a drizzle of EVO oil and saute over high heat for about 1 minute, blending with a little water. Then the flame is lowered and cooking continues for about 5 minutes, adding the salt and adding the flaked almonds.
The sauteed asparagus are placed on the pizza disc with the addition of the Parmigiano Reggiano / Grana Padano flakes.
If the oven is not large enough, the disks are baked twice in a hot oven: the pizzas with tomato and basil sauce first, with the casatica and with the asparagus second.
Attention to the disc with basil sauce: the sauce must be added one minute after the end of cooking (if not just taken out of the oven after cooking) to prevent it from blackening.

Davide Longoni – Longoni Bakery in Milan

He is one of the fathers of modern Italian bread, a national leavening institution, a master of bread who has disseminated his disciples around Milan and throughout Italy. Davide Longoni in his Milanese outposts dispenses knowledge and flavors, offers loaves of ancient grains, notoriously substantial, fragrant, digestible and nutritious. If you want to deepen his world and get passionate about his approach go to find him, but not before reading the recently published book “Bread at home“. Well, he could only provide his valuable advice on how to prepare a homemade bread, worthy of the name.

San Francisco style high hydration bread

Dough preparation: 20 min.
First leavening: 3 hours
Second leavening: 8-15 hours
Cooking: 40 minutes
Storage: 2-3 days

Ingredients for 2 loaves of about 400 g
250 g of type “0” soft wheat flour
250 g of medium strength soft wheat flour type “2”
400 g of water
10 g of salt
100 g of mature sourdough
Final dough temperature 26 °

Combine 350 g of water with the flours and do the autolysis. Leave to rest for 30 minutes. Add the ripe sourdough, mix and add the salt. Continue to knead until a smooth and homogeneous mixture is obtained. Add the remaining 50 grams of water flush and knead until it is completely absorbed in the dough. Let stand in bulk for about three hours at room temperature, giving a crease every 45 minutes.

Divide the dough into two loaves of equal weight and make a preform to rest for 30 minutes covered with a sheet. Once the rest time has elapsed, form to obtain the final trunk shape and leave to rise for one hour at room temperature in a lightly floured basket, then transfer for 8-15 hours to the less refrigerated part of the refrigerator (8-10 °).

Incise the bread with a razor blade and bake in a hot oven, on a refractory stone and with plenty of steam. After about 30 minutes, remove the steam and finish cooking. “To understand when the bread is well cooked, you can” knock “with your knuckles on the base: if it emits a dull or empty sound, the cooking is perfect. Pay attention also to the rind: it must be well formed and of a nice golden color. In addition to for two or three days at room temperature in a paper bag, this bread can be kept up to a week in the refrigerator in an airtight bag! ”, Specifies Longoni.

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