How to Celebrate Halloween at Home This Year

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From horror movie marathons and Halloween-themed drive-ins to virtual pumpkin carving parties, here’s how to safely celebrate Halloween this year.

With cases on the rise in parts of Ontario and Quebec and a second lockdown in place, Halloween is going to be very different this year. And for parts of the country that are fortunate enough not to face tighter Covid restrictions, this remains a challenge – indoor parties are out of the question and faking seems like a risk not worth taking. ‘To be taken. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and have fun just yet. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Halloween safely at home.

Have a horror movie marathon
There are plenty of scary movies and TV series out on streaming platforms to scratch your Halloween itch this month. If you’re looking for a frenzy, watch shows like a viral hit The Haunting of Bly Manor or German export Dark on Netflix, Stephen King’s The foreigner or the supernatural roller coaster recently concluded Lovecraft Country on Crave, or the new series “Native Gothic Horror” Trickster on CBC Gem. For a one night scare festival, choose from movies like Evil eye on Amazon Prime, Canadian Movies Blood quantum or Disappearance at Clifton Hill on CBC Gem or Toni Collette-star Hereditary on Netflix. And if you need a palate cleanser after all of this, we suggest you work your way through all of the Halloween Heist episodes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Add spooky decor to the home
If you’re not looking to do it all with spooky decorations but still want to bring a dose of Halloween spirit into your home, look for subtle fall-themed items like pumpkin mugs or Pottery Barn’s ghost-shaped stoneware, a hand-painted skull-shaped tequila decanter from CB2, or spooky accessories from Etsy.

Give a nod to Halloween with your nail art
Give your everyday look a spooky update with a Halloween manicure. From cobwebs and ghosts, to black cats, wizarding details and bloodstains, there is no shortage of spooky nail designs. For a more subtle look, go for the colors of your favorite Halloween candy or go for the pumpkin spice route with undertones of orange. For 22 Halloween manicure ideas, click here.

Find local outdoor events in your city
Home gatherings and Halloween parties in bars or clubs are out of the question, but do a quick Google search to spot safe outdoor events happening in your town. In Toronto, Casa Loma is offering a self-guided walking tour through its famous Halloween settings from October 23-31. In Prince Edward County, the Mustang Drive-In screens a triple Halloween feature film, like The brilliant, Hocus pocus and Beetlejuice– October 30 and 31. And in Peterborough, Ontario, Escape Maze has put together a series of outdoor adventure games such as The Stalking Dead, Apothecary Crisis, and Electric City Sabotage.

Plan Halloween-themed virtual events
If you’d rather stay indoors this year, plan ahead and throw some spooky parties with a group of friends around Zoom. Host an online pumpkin carving party, dim the lights and do an hour of storytelling with each person contributing a different horror story, plan a virtual costume contest or do a series of tarot readings with this book of cards tarot cards designed by Salvador Dali. And if you’ve got kids to entertain at home, check out Craftoween: Once in a Virtual Blue Moon. In partnership with The Hospital for Sick Children, this interactive digital event on October 31 includes edible crafts, a creative costume contest, and a spooky hunt, all from the safety of your home.

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