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Never before have we had so much time to do this change of beauty case, clean makeup brushes, brushes etc.. The decluttering of beauty products creates more space in the bathroom and in the mind, freeing up new positive thoughts.

In this “particular” early spring, small things take on a new meaning. We can carve out space for our beauty tools and their cleaning. A gesture that in this new mindset from the rhythms slow, relax and give peace of mind. As he says Marie Kondo, the guru of order, “Visible disorder is only one way of distracting us from the real reason for disorder.”

Check deadlines

There Expiration date of cosmetics it is always shown on products when it is less than 30 months. The label reads “preferably to be consumed”. If not, what matters is PaO (Period after Opening) or the period after opening, indicated by the symbol of an open can with the number of months. The tricks that deteriorate more easily are those based on water because the air and the proliferation of bacteria can compromise the formula. Mascara, as well as liquid eyeliner, for example, last “only” three months. In short, if you have products that have been open since time immemorial – such as earth and powdered blush dating back to adolescence – start cleaning, even the smell is a good clue to consider in order to understand if they are still usable. For lipsticks, however, smoothness applies: if the color flows the formula is still intact, the important thing is to keep them well, even in the refrigerator. THE scents? The more vintage they are, the more they become a piece of furniture.

How to clean makeup brushes

Together with “Everything will be fine”, “sanitizing” is among the words that we will remember most about this beginning of 2020. A good habit to put into practice even with makeup brushes that we often keep scattered in the beauty case or leave at the mercy of dust. As explained by Le Feltrin make-up artist and phibrow who share many beauty tutorials on Instagram, to clean the brushes you need a mild shampoo and a sponge to clean silicone brushes. If you don’t have it, you can also use a container that will serve as a base for rubbing the brushes soaked with detergent with rotary movements. Once cleaned, lay them horizontally on a towel and let them air dry.

How to clean eyeshadows

The beauty hack to clean the eyeshadow palettes, leaving the pods intact, comes from TikTok, the social platform of the Z generation. Take a make-up remover towel and wrap it around a round container, such as the face powder. Pass the towel with vertical movements over the entire palette: the fingerprints and the color residues will disappear, and the pigments of the eyeshadows will be even more performing.

How to clean hair straighteners and tools

The styler should be cleaned every three months. For shiny hair and smooth, the good health of accessories such as brush and plate, counts exactly as much as shampoo. “Hair sprays, oils and other products can build up on tools”, explains Steve Elstein, vice president of the R&D department ghd. “Our advice is to use nail polish remover and a wet cotton pad to clean the slats and body of the styler. Then, let it dry for a few hours and, before turning it on, check that it is completely dry. water or water-based cleaners should never be used to clean it, as well as wet wipes, unless they are organic and biodegradable. ” The same rule applies to brushes, which should be cleaned regularly to prevent products and oils from compromising the prospect.

“Removing the hair from the brush with the comb risks ruining the puddle brash”, explains Alessandro Viggiani, hairstylist of the Vigal & Jus salon in Milan. “I recommend wetting a towel with water and removing hair and dust from the teeth of the brush.”

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