How to cut the bangs yourself

“How to cut the bangs alone? It is certainly more difficult than touching up the regrowth, “he immediately warns of the experiments Marco Rizzi, owner of the salon Namu Hair from Milan. With the quarantine we have more time available to test beauty products and new looks, but we are not in an emotional condition stable enough to decide to cut the fringe for the first time without regrets.

If you have thought it, it is because most likely you feel lonely or you want to breathe new life or change into your life. These reasons, however, are not solid enough to decide to cut the fringe in normal times, let alone now. That’s why, cutting the bangs on your own is a recommended remedy only for those who are already familiar with this hairlook, and now he finds his hair perpetually on his eyes. In short, do it only if really necessary.

Curly hair: how to cut the bangs yourself

The curly fringe of the model Mica Arganaraz

© Bennett Raglin

“I recommend washing and drying your hair so that the curls take theirs natural form. At this point, with sharp and not rounded scissors, I don’t cut the fringe all at once, but I divide it into several strands, following the natural fall of the ringlets “, says Marco Rizzi. “In any case, it is better to stick to the cut already made by the hairdresser, without thickening it by adding strands or widening going to shorten the side hair”.

Straight hair: how to cut the bangs yourself

“Straight hair can be cut when wet because they keep the same fold even when dry, without the risk of finding themselves with the fringe shorter or different than expected “, explains Rizzi. “I recommend dividing the fringe in three sections and to start from the center, taking the hollow of the nose as a reference, and to leave the hair as close as possible to the face. If I don’t want the fringe perfectly straight, but a little rounded, then I have to tilt my fingers following the arch of the eyebrow “.

Wavy hair: how to cut the bangs yourself

“Cutting the bangs with wavy hair is the most difficult. Again, I recommend starting with hair clean and dry. The first important thing is to respect roses or dizziness, dragging the hair as little as possible “, explains Rizzi. “To avoid the” cocker “effect, I follow the shape of the forehead and divide the bangs into two or three horizontal sections”.

The rule for all

Just cut an inch, an inch and a half in order to have hair in place for at least fifteen days. One thing you should never do is cut the bangs in the morning as soon as you wake up with your hair flattened by the pillow and the humidity of the night. ” In short, in quarantine, being in pajamas is not allowed even for cut your fringe.

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