How to Dress Up an Outfit With Accessories

The first two years I lived in New York, I only bought second-hand clothes. Granted, they were nice enough, but I lived my life on a budget. If having to shop so strategically has taught me anything, it’s that wearing expensive and expensive clothes looks like i was wearing expensive clothes were two very different things. The key was in my accessories.

Whether I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt or heading somewhere with a black tie dress code, I’ve learned through my own trial and error that the way I accessorize can make my outfits look good. market or make them more luxurious than they really were.

Now, as someone who can be a little lazy (uh, can you call that “laid back”?), It’s not in my nature to do all the right things with props. I might be able to don a pair of earrings and a cute bag, but it was only through conscious effort that I found ways to make even my most inexpensive finds feel different. . Below is a list of the pieces I use to enhance my look, along with links to styles I like so you can use my tip too! Some accessory options are budget friendly, others are a bit of a splurge, but that’s only because if you can afford something like a designer belt that you’ll wear over and over again, it will pay off. ‘herself.

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