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Among the things that our trusted hairdresser always recommends is do not overdo the heat sources that damage the hair. Iron, plate, hairdryer, a round with the round brush before going out in the morning and evening: stories of ordinary normality. Summer, however, is the right season for take a break, doing something good for our hair, and satisfying those who always manage to fulfill our beauty desires, even when we ask them for the exact color of Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah, but how to dry your hair naturally in the right way? We asked an expert.

Star without make-up (nor wig)

The advantages of not using the hairdryer in summer

“The advantages of not using heat sources on hair are many. For example, the less hair dryer you use, the less frizz you create over time “, says Alessandro Viggiani, owner of the Vigal & Jus salon in Milan, Porto Cervo and St. Moritz. “The volumes of the haircut done by the hairdresser are less ruined, the color remains more and the bleached blondes suffer less from the dryness. Instead of the hair dryer you can use thetowel transforming it into a styling tool: if we use it as a centrifuge it tends to ruffle the hair, but if instead we only pass it on the tips, then it disciplines and helps to set the fold naturally. The best thing is use the towel on the skin by drawing circles to remove the water, while on the lengths it must be accompanied in the direction of the scales to close them. “The decrease in thermal styling gives truce also to hair breakage and formation of the split ends, which slow down growth. For those with very fragile and chemically treated hair, taking a break from aggressive styling means bringing them back to one been healthier.

The alternative to regulate the hair

If we can do without irons, the same thing does not apply to i products that help create the basis for the crease. “How to dry hair naturally in the best way? I recommend using one spray to be applied in root to give volume, and then creams for the tips. Compared to oils, the cream textures are able to go deeper and hydrate from the inside. The protective oils that are used on the beach, for example, create a protective film on the cuticle which, however, remains on the surface, “says Viggiani. “The more experienced can then create gods torchon, all in the same direction, to facilitate styling with natural waves “. This woman combo to softness and hair remove thefrizz effect.

The importance of the brush

Ghd experts recommend replace small brushes with large models. “While using the brush along the scalp, massage lightly so as to facilitate the blood circulation and help stimulate healthy hair growth. Furthermore, thanks to the large surface area, several hairs are brushed at the same time, limiting their stress “, He says Zoe Irwin, ghd ambassador.

R + Co Sun Catcher. Leave-in conditioner rich in vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and vegetable collagen, ideal for closing split ends, regulating and giving an extra dose of hydration and protection from UV rays.

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René Furterer, Astera Fresh. Soothing freshness concentrate with cold essential oils of mint and eucalyptus. It is applied on the scalp before shampooing.

ALTERNA CAVIAR Replenishing Moisture CC CREAM, a “complete correction” treatment for hair, halfway between a primer and a leave-in conditioner.

Davines SU Hair Milk. Spray milk enriched with UV filters. Ideal for protecting hair from the sun but also for softening it after exposure.

ghd paddle brush, perfect to pass before drying hair and to comb the waves.

Biopoint Hair Milk invisible effect. It protects the hair from color changes, drying and opacity, giving hydration and nourishment.

Aveda, Nutri Plenish, multi-use hair oil. Made from 100% natural ingredients and a concentrated blend of 5 nutrient-rich oils: pomegranate, coconut, avocado, sunflower and argan. It is applied to regulate the tips or as a pre-shampoo on dry hair.

Yves Rocher, Modeling cream for curly hair. Eliminates frizz for 48 hours. Based on agave fruits and flax seeds.

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