How to firm buttocks and legs for costume testing

How to firm buttocks and legs for costume testing

Sooner or later we will go back to the sea. And when it happens, the usual beauty discomforts will also return: how to firm buttocks and legs to “face” culotte de cheval, cellulite, water retention and so on. This year, however, time is our ally, the remise en forme for the costume test it does not require shock treatment, but follows slow rhythms that sound like pampering of beauty for legs and buttocks.

During the lockdown, water retention could worsen due to greater sedentary lifestyle and incorrect postures. The action plan combines nutrition, online fitness classes and treatments.

How to firm buttocks and legs for costume testing
How to firm buttocks and legs for costume testing

Nutrition for legs and buttocks

“During the winter months, there is a tendency to accumulate, weight, water retention and greater blemishes than in the summer, but drastic fasts are to be avoided”, explains Caterina Cellai Dietitian and specialist in Nutrition and Nutrition at the Juneco clinic of medicine and cosmetic surgery in Milan City Life. “To help us in this end, this abbreviation B.R.R, which stands for drink, rebalance, reduce“.

DRINK: the first thing to do is to drain and deflate the body, removing excess liquids through detox foods such as whole grains, fresh or steamed foods and at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
It balances: skipping lunch or not choosing an adequate diet will accumulate weight instead of helping to lose it and eliminate excess fluids and a sense of swelling. Better compensate by choosing balanced meals with the right food combinations.
REDUCE: to combat heaviness and laxity, it is better to reduce the consumption of unhealthy foods for the line. Fried, cold cuts and sausages, cheeses and fatty foods are to be taken in moderation together with the refined sugars contained in the desserts. As for the seasonings, spices and lemon are better than oil and butter.

Enhanced creams and ampoules for firming legs and buttocks

THE treatments dedicated to how to firm buttocks and legs they synchronize with our circadian rhythm and, specifically, with the metabolism of adipocytes, the fat cells. The creams work on three fronts: they prevent and reduce the formation of new mature adipocytes (adipogenesis), inhibit lipogenesis, or the accumulation of fat in the adipocyte, and promote its elimination (lipolysis).

The star ingredients are the extract of coffee, horse chestnut, pineapple, blueberry, escin, green clay and dandelion which stimulate lymphatic circulation and have a draining effect. While the antioxidant polyphenols preserve collagen for a more toned and firmer skin. Between textures more innovative there are disposable ampoules that best preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the active ingredients. They are applied in the evening, before going to sleep.

Germaine de Capuccini, Defined & Fit H24, intensive reduction gel-cream. An anti-cellulite product with continuous activity that is based on the chronobiology of adipose tissue. Sports activity enhances its effectiveness.

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Biopoint, Anti-cellulite ampoules. The active ingredients contained within each ampoule preserve their maximum integrity and efficacy up to the moment of use.

Collistar, Crio-Gel Anticellulite Enhanced Formula. The combination of pink pepper extract combined with caffeine, inserted in a higher percentage, works on three fronts: it prevents and reduces the formation of new mature adipocytes (adipogenesis), inhibits lipogenesis, i.e. the accumulation of fat in the adipocyte , and promotes its elimination (lipolysis). The new active ingredients also include fermented green coffee extract.

LPG, Duo Capitons, the kit to combat cellulite. Complexe Anti-Capitons reduces its appearance, while Crème Micro-Peeling improves cell renewal for a silk skin.

Comfort Zone. Body Strategist Peel Scrub. Gel scrub with a dual mechanical and chemical exfoliating action and with a double application method.

Somatoline Cosmetic Pink Salt. Body scrub that promotes the action of cosmetic treatments. Its formula contains Himalayan pink salt, black blueberry, soy and sunflower oil, and micronized cranberry which perform an exfoliating action and stimulate surface microcirculation.

Exercises to firm legs and buttocks

It is important to combine toning and cardio. Like Jane Fonda. Yes, even now his aerobics workout is super current. And she, with 82 years and not hearing them, is proof that training like this works. After all, his training program in VHS has sold 17 million copies (today you can download it with Amazon Prime Video or there are videos on Youtube). Prepare colorful leggings and bodysuits, Eighties are back!

The Tracy Anderson method. You are the personal trainer of many Hollywood stars. His method combines a very rhythmic and fast moving part of cardio dance with exercises on the mat that firm up the arms and buttocks. For quarantine, Tracy offers two free weeks of trial. Watch this video for a preview of the exercises that await you.

Yoga to tone legs and buttocks. The silhouette can also be redefined through a gentler but no less powerful practice. With yoga you work all the core muscles and the buttocks in a functional way and, above all, you learn to control them. Among the best performing asanas are: Virabhadrasana III, Purvottanasana, Ardha Chandrasana, Anjaneyasana and Setu Bandhasana. app Alo Moves, which has a 14-day free trial period, there are many intensive yoga workouts. Try for example the challenge 21 Day Yoga Sweat by Briohny Smyth or the circuit Sweat and Tone by Callie Gullicksan. While the series Yoga Hiit by Koya Webb mixes Hiit workout and yoga postures.

The treatments in the cabin for when we return to normal

Cellulite and fat pads are very susceptible to heat and cold. For this there are opposing approaches but which give the same performing results.

Cryosauna to eliminate toxins. To try is the Cryospace cryochamber by The Longevity Suite in the spa of Aspria Harbor Club in Milan. “This treatment offers total psycho-physical well-being. Inside the cryosauna, the temperature can fluctuate from -85 ° to -110 °, you enter with the whole body, after wearing the necessary protections on the hands, feet, ears and mouth. Many studies have shown that Crio Total Body allows the body to reach a lower and more homogeneous temperature without the use of nitrogen gas as opposed to classic cryosaunas which, according to an American FDA Safety Warning, are less safe, “he says Francesca Grazioli, Spa Supervisor of Aspria.

There Compressive micro-vibration. It’s a treatment by Endosphères Therapy to do in the institution. It acts by generating a pulsed and rhythmic action on the tissues through the transmission of low frequency vibrations. To see remarkable results against cellulite and orange peel, a 12-session cycle is needed to be done two / three times a week.

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