How to Get Rid of Acne Scarring, According to a Derm

DO NOT: Cake on your makeup. Instead, let the skin breathe, heal, and be as natural as possible.

DO NOT: Choose your skin. “If the pimple is popped, squeezed, extracted or even scratched the wrong way, it can rupture, causing an acne scar,” warns Hernandez. “Always allow all the scabs to heal completely and fall off on their own. The skin under the scab regenerates and grows, and if the scab is removed too early and the skin cells haven’t had the chance to heal and grow back., you may end up with hyperpigmentation, depression, or a scar. “

TO DO: See a real expert. “Don’t take chances with your skin, and don’t look at online blogs, social media, or DIY websites for help… you might be more at risk of damaging your skin,” Nazarian says.

TO DO: Avoid long periods of exposure to the sun. Wear / wear a hat at all times, always wear SPF and reapply after two hours.

TO DO: Be patient.Beautiful skin takes compassion, commitment and patience, “Hernandez reminds us.” It’s achievable for everyone with a good education of their own skin, in addition to consistency with the use of home products and in-office treatments.

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This article was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated.

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