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Many of you are wondering: “how do you lighten your hair naturally at home? “.
Good news: “grandmother” remedies are always the most foolproof. Especially in this period of lockdown so, alas, we have to give up the fixed appointment at the hairdresser. Each has its own problem: who has the fringe to shorten, who has to cover the regrowth, who is tired of the monotonous color, who needs a blunt and those who want to lighten the hairline to avoid a “bicolor” effect. Fortunately, nature comes to the rescue, with simple ingredients that can be used alone or mixed together. For example, creating a hair spray with lemon, chamomile and beer gives an effect sun kissed immediate to blond or allo shatush. Of course, don’t expect miraculous lightening power as much as bleaching, but the results after a few applications are still very satisfactory.
How to lighten hair naturally at home? Here 6 ingredients found in all kitchens.

The lemon

It is the oldest method, highly popular over the years Seventy when, the blondes, they put themselves in the sun with a little juice on their hair to lighten it. Its acidity allows it to change the hair’s pH without damaging it. You do to boil lemon juice, with peel if the fruit is organic, and once cold, put it in a container and sprinkle on all the hair or on the locks you prefer.


A panacea for to feed hair. In addition to being the star lightening. Even in the skincare it is widely used precisely for these properties. Sprayed on the hair – better to let it “degas” a few hours once opened – will accelerate the visibility of the hair undertones hair.


Its petals contain theapigenin, or a pigment capable of creating a golden dye that automatically attaches to the hair shaft once applied. After diluting it, it should be left on wet hair. It will also leave them soft and shiny.


Its enzyme, the glucose oxidase, has a similar (but not dehydrating) purpose to hydrogen peroxide. If mixed a spoonful of honey with water, it is a real lightening agent. If you make a compress, of one or a maximum of three hours, on damp hair, it will speed up the lightening. Finally, blow dry with hot air to accentuate its effect.

Baking soda

Cleans the dishes and makes of white teeth. And it works the same way on hair. Try to mix a spoonful of baking soda with 1/3 cup of hot water, to create a sort of paste to be applied as if it were a mask. If you want the shatush effect, help yourself with a brush on the lengths and wrap them in tinfoil. Also in this case, the heat of the hairdryer will speed up the process.


It does very well for eliminate brittle hair. And it is excellent if the pose is prolonged for a few minutes, even for lighten the color. To be avoided for those with hair very thin, because it is very acidic, and for those with i Brown hair, because they may veer towards orange. Used occasionally, in fact, it gives warmth to the blonde.

For those who prefer a less natural and more “shock” treatment, here are 5 products to try. They lighten, are anti-yellow and light up from the first application.

No yellow Glam Color hair mask N.7 from La Biosthetique: Reduces the yellow reflections of platinum blonde and white hair and gives a cool and elegant silver tone. Specially developed for cold blonde shades, this La Bioesthetique mask reduces unwanted yellow reflections of platinum blonde and white hair thanks to neutralizing color pigments. It creates an elegant and cold shade of color that lasts for 3-5 washes.Not only: the nourishing proteins of silk and rice strengthen the structure of damaged or stressed hair and effectively repair it from the inside. Finally, it contains oils with a high content of omega 6 fatty acids that give softness and a radiant shine.

Gray & bright Pantene mask: Combats yellow tones and unruly hair. It softens even the most indomitable strands. It revives the reflexes, giving shine.

Blond Absolu Bain Lumière by Kérastase: Moisturizing and illuminating shampoo for blond and bleached hair that gently cleanses the fiber, leaving hair light and shiny.

Schultz lightening lotion: a “historical” product with lightening properties to be applied to the hair, which allows you to progressively reach the desired shade of blond.

Silver Shampoo from Sachajuan: adds pigments to the hair to contrast and neutralize yellow shades, also giving volume and shine. Contains a UV filter. Ocean Silk technology moisturizes, gives shine and stabilizes hair color.

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