How to Shop for Fall Trends Like an Editor

We’re down deep, so it’s safe to say we were ahead of the curve when we predicted certain things: all leather is here to stay, and the thicker the sole of the shoe, the closer you are to the fashion paradise. As a fashion editor, of course, I have a continuous (and endless) list of things that I covet. In a perfect world, I could just click ‘add to cart’ on each item, and it would magically appear in my closet, but there are these things called life and a savings account that I just can’t ignore, the best solution is therefore to buy with To affirm. If you don’t know what Affirm is, here’s a quick rundown: it’s a payment alternative to credit cards. Essentially you can split your purchases into easy biweekly or monthly payments, you will know exactly what you owe up front and Affirm will never charge you late fees or hidden fees which means the investment items are more accessible than ever. My dream became reality.

My colleagues and I are real fans of shopping for trends that fit perfectly into our current wardrobes, so I was curious to see what they were looking for this season. Luckily Luisaviaroma, the Italian girls hotspot for some of the most coveted items, is an Affirm merchant, so we’ve all been able to pick up some key pieces we’ve been eyeing all season. See what they are here.

If you shop before 11:59 p.m. PT on October 22, be sure to use code TR20 at checkout for 20% off everything LuisaViaRoma has in this story (and code AFFIRMWWW for deals specials from our other retailers).

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