How to Stay Centered With This Daily Routine

I have always loved and been very interested in health and wellness. In fact, I spent half of my time in college studying Nutrition and Public Health before doing a full 180 and moving on to English and Journalism. I also grew up with two parents who were much older than the parents of everyone else I knew and who were passionate about taking exceptional care of themselves so that they could be with me on the as long as possible despite their advanced age. I grew up on things like organic flaxseed bread and locally made kefir, and I also watched my parents live very active lifestyles – yoga, bench press, butt sculpting classes led by Jane. Fonda (who was a mom), meditation and everything. Naturally, the interest and passion dissipated on me, and educating myself and taking care of my body have always been a priority.

Obviously, a lot has happened between my childhood and 2020. I have had personal health issues that I had to overcome, and I, as one in five Americans, I face mental health issues like depression, anxiety and recovery from eating disorders. These issues have evolved over the years – the recovery is never linear, but I would be lying if I said 2020 has not been particularly irregular. I am sure many of you can understand. Naturally anxious, I yearn, to some extent, for control and routine, most of which have been thrown out the window this year due to a global pandemic. So to take care of myself and lean into the new normal, I had to recalibrate and adjust my approach to take care of myself accordingly. And quite honestly, I was finally able to find, nurture, and cherish a lot of joy and a lot more silver liners than I ever thought possible. Since people always ask me questions about my daily life and my personal recommendations, below I share my current wellness routine: supplements, practices and products that have had a positive impact on how I feel mentally and physically and helping me feel centered when something, from the world to work to my personal life, starts to shift a bit. Continue scrolling!

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