How to wear the scarf and scarf and be super chic

How to wear a scarf and a scarf: many different ways to test style and creativity

The ‘humble’ scarf (and also the cousin foulard) accessory that is not always appreciated as it should, is actually a real must of which many fashion houses have declined immediately recognizable versions: Burberry check, the paisley motif by Etro, i skulls of Alexander McQueen.

Mention is made for the first time in Ancient Egypt: it seems that Queen Nefertiti wore a decorated headdress over a fabric scarf. In ancient Rome, workers used linen bands to dry sweat, and in many countries i colored handkerchiefs they were used to indicate the different military ranks.

But it is necessary to arrive at the 19th and 20th centuries for scarves or scarves to take on status of fashion accessory real.

Silk scarves were a symbol of luxury during the reign of Queen Victoria in England (1837 – 1901), while in the fifties and sixties stars like Brigitte Bardot, Faye Dunaway, Lauren Bacall is Bianca Jagger they accentuated their legendary charm with a silk scarf. Grace Kelly instead of using a hospital belt he had preferred to tie a Hermès scarf to his shoulder to support his broken arm in 1956. But let’s talk about more recent things: how to forget the photo of Lenny Kravitz who had depopulated on the Internet, wrapped in a giant scarf-covered? While A $ AP Rocky, Marc Jacobs and Jaden Smith have recently opted for fine silk scarves knotted like a handkerchief.

Lauren Friedman, author and illustrator of 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf (Chronicle Books, 2014), suggests looking for unique pieces in vintage stores. “A vintage scarf is the perfect way to complete the look with original designs and colors, ”He explains. “And then in vintage shops it is easier to find scarves at an affordable price and in quality materials, such as pure silk or wool. “

From silk scarves to winter scarves, we show you how to wear these versatile accessories.

Below you can discover 8 different ways to wear a scarf and a scarf:

  • How to wear a scarf. If you think a scarf can only be worn in one way, you are wrong. “A very long scarf is perfect if something heavier is needed to complete the look, ”Friedman confesses. “It is a nice way to break an outfit, and at the same time it ‘attracts’ the gaze on both sides of the look, above and below. “

  • The Parisian knot. To tie the scarf in a classic way, but with a stylish touch. Here’s how: fold a long scarf in two and place it on the back of the neck; thread one of the two ‘open’ ends of the scarf into the closed one; fold the lower part of the ring onto the upper part; insert the other free end of the scarf into the new ‘ring’.

  • Draped style. Perfect on a blazer or shirt, it is a style that is enhanced to the fullest with bright colors and designs. Here’s how: pull up the lapels of your blazer and place a long scarf on the back of the neck so that the two ends fall on the front at the same height; fold the lapels of the jacket over the scarf, and adjust it so that it falls the way you want.

  • How to wear a blanket scarf. A maxi scarf-blanket is a versatile garment that fits into any wardrobe and offers many styling options. “A large rectangular scarf is ideal when traveling, ”Explains Friedman. “It can be used in many ways, and not only as a scarf: as a shawl, as a blanket, as a cover-up. “

  • Super easy. The name says it all: it’s an easy and casual style, and very, very cool. Like Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, creators of the The Row brand, who in winter always complete their outfits with a maxi wool scarf. Here’s how: put a maxi scarf, a shawl, or a pashmina on the back of the neck, and stretch it covering the shoulders; simply bring one of the two ends on the opposite shoulder.

  • For lazy girls. If it’s your first time wearing a maxi scarf, this is the easiest method, Friedman assures. Just wrap a long, rectangular scarf once around your neck, and you’re done.

  • How to wear a yoke. “The carré are very versatile and can be brought in many different ways,“Says Friedman. And in recent years we have also witnessed a revival of the carré on the catwalk: Alessandro Michele wanted to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth (read here, Queen Elizabeth, here’s how to wear the scarf), a lover of scarves, with the 2017 Gucci resort show which was held in Westminster Abbey, London; Balenciaga, Acne Studios and Céline have revived the carré in the AI17 collections; and recently we have seen scarves knotted around the neck by Proenza Schouler for Spring Summer19.

  • Put it on your head. A classic of the 50s and 60s, we think of Jackie Kennedy Onassis (who wore it in many different ways on his famous and impeccable bob), or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, if you want to be inspired by watching the stars. Butterfly glasses are an optional. Here’s how: fold a small yoke in half diagonally to get a triangle; place the scarf so folded on the head, the widest part of the triangle right on the hairline, the rest of the scarf to cover the head; knot the two ends of the scarf well under the chin.

  • Durag. Maria Grazia Chiuri for the spring / summer 2020 collection Christian Dior has the models parading wearing wonderful silk drapes used as bands and bandanas. A look that offers the possibility to experiment also with hair styling.

  • Around the neck. It is another way of wearing the scarf that evokes the glamor of the fifties and sixties. Get inspired again in Hepburn, this time though Roman holidays, and wear the scarf on a blouse leaving the collar open. Here’s how: fold a small yoke in half diagonally to get a triangle; starting from the narrowest part, fold the scarf several times (the folds must be 5-7 cm wide) and continue to fold until you get a single flat strip; put the scarf so folded around the neck (do two turns if it is very long), and close it with a nice knot; position the knot of the scarf as you like.

  • How to wear a silk scarf. A silk scarf might suggest a slightly dated and old aunt’s style, but just look at Kate Moss to understand that it can have a very rock charm instead.

  • Tie style. Choose a bold design, also very lively: the important thing is that the scarf is thin. Here’s how: place the scarf on the back of the neck so that one end is longer than the other; pass the longer end over and then under the shorter one; bring the longer end in front of the shorter one and then once again under it; pass the long end upwards behind the tie and then through the ring that has formed; pull the longer end down through the knot you created and adjust the length, sliding the knot upwards for a more formal look, or leaving it lower for a more casual look.

  • The staple half. A variant of the tie: a wider scarf can be used for this option. Here’s how: put a long scarf on the neck so that the sides fall on the front at the same height; create a soft knot on one side, less halfway between the neck and the end of the scarf; create a small ring on the other end, as if you were to start forming a bow, and partially thread it through the knot, forming a half bow, in fact; tighten the initial knot and adjust the bow as you like.

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