Huda Beauty: interview with the founder (and guru)

Huda Beauty: Interview with the founder (and guru)

Who writes, even though practically never putting on make-up, is crazy about the Instagram profile of the makeup artist of Iraqi origin Huda Kattan, founder of the cosmetic empire Huda Beauty. If you have never done so, check out his social page, concentrate on pills “how-to“, advice and reviews of cosmetics always rigorously tested in the first person and highly appreciated by his 3.5 million followers.

At 36, Huda Kattan achieved decidedly ambitious and enviable goals, thanks to efficient teamwork (in her company, Huda works side by side with her husband and the inseparable sister Mona), as well as a passion – that for the beauty – born when she was still a girl and had fun in stealing tricks and creams from his mother.

Huda Beauty interview
Huda Beauty interview

If at one time the focus of Huda Kattan was exclusively made up (whose products are also sold in Italy by Sephora), today also it skincare has won many of the attentions of beauty mogul, which recently launched the brand name Wishful, exclusively dedicated to skincare. Here is what he told us.

Is it true that you are very attentive to the care of your skin?

“Absolutely yes: skincare is essential for beautiful and healthy skin and, as far as I’m concerned, takes precedence over make-up. Also on my social profile I dedicate many posts to the skin care rituals that necessarily precede the application of makeup. I know how important it is to have healthy skin, not only because the make-up makes it better, but because, once the makeup is removed, you can feel at ease and confident, without the need for coverage “.

Has your skin ever presented problems?

“Of course! As a child I had one very dry and sensitive skin, often rough to the touch. Then, in the late adolescence phase and towards i 20 years I have suffered from acne cystic. I remember days when I refused to leave the house, I hated my skin in the mirror for so long, not to mention the pain of when acne is in such an aggravated stage. I have always had the desire for wonderful skin and – honestly – I have always feared that it would remain a dream in the drawer impossible to achieve. “

Then what happened?

“When I started to deal with beauty, initially as blogger, a period of testing of various active ingredients and cosmetics has begun. After many tests and many errors, my skin has finally gained the appearance of dreams, becoming soft, uniform and silky. And the acne is gone! That’s why I’m so attached to the world of skincare: having healthy skin, therefore skin, makes you feel strong and confident. Hence the desire to deepen and share everything I learned about it by launching a specific skincare line, Wishful. We created simple, delicate care products and especially, effective in the results, working with some of the best producers in Korea and Japan “.

The name Wishful (eager) bodes well

“It comes from a very specific question: ‘what kind of skin do you want?’. The first answer that came to my mind was a product of exfoliation kind, to obtain a super bright and silky face. Among other things, a similar type of skin ensures optimal make-up for the make-up. And in fact the first Wishful reference was Yo Glow, ideal for removing dead skin, impurities and dirt residues, leaving the skin free to breathe and shine “.

Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub by Wishful

Can you tell us what your skincare routine consists of?

1. Rinse your face with fresh water.
2. Depending on how my skin looks, I use a product of hydration spray format. I love Caudalie’s Grape Water, perfect before applying makeup.
3. Against swelling and water retention, massage the face with a jade roller or with Gua Sha, straightening the features.
4. Use ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device to stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity.
5. I end with a layering of moisturizing products that for the moment I cannot reveal, because they are formulas in the testing phase of my Wishful brand. Anyway, never without moisturizer with SPF protective factor, I recommend!


1. I always start with one double cleaning to remove make-up well and to clean the skin in depth. Personally I use a cleansing and make-up remover conditioner from Huda Beauty, delicate, but capable of quickly dissolving makeup, followed by a water-based make-up remover and the must-have product Tatcha Deep Cleanse. My secret? I use a muslin cloth to remove both oils, detergents and masks.

2. Step of exfoliation two or three times a week with Wishful’s Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub. Thanks to the natural active ingredients of pineapple and papaya enzymes, AHA (alpha-hydroxyacids) and BHA (beta-hydroxyacids) and cellulose, it guarantees maximum luminosity and a deep cleansing, but respectful of the skin.

3. Never without tonic, which in my case is Clinique Clarifying Lotion, to which I have been loyal for years.

4. If you want to do like me, make friends essences. Personally SKIN use Antioxidant Energizing Essence, energizing and antioxidant.

5. Hydration is essential: I am obsessed with the hyaluronic acid serum signed by Dr. Barbara Sturm, dear, but it’s worth it! Firming Serum by Dr. Jart + is also excellent, with a plumping effect.

6. I always make sure that my skin absorbs all the nutrients that I am offering it by making a draining massage with the jade roller or using the Gua Sha stone.

7. Before going to bed I apply one of mine favorite oils, like Ren Skincare Rose 012, with rosehip seeds, hyper nutritious and restorative “.

We know from social media that you have launched a brand new vamp eyelash mascara, LEGIT. What are its characteristics?

“LEGIT has a secret: it encloses two mascara full size in a single product, allowing to obtain in a single pass and in a few seconds volume, length and curvature. One end of LEGIT Lashes is equipped with a curved brush with braided bristles, which means that it spreads evenly on the lashes to create volume one layer after another without losing definition or elasticity.

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara – sold by Sephora and on

The other end has a second unique formula that is fixed on each eyelash, giving extra length and further curving. It is also rich in patented 5mm fibers that lengthen and imitate natural eyelashes. Guaranteed result! And of course personally tested “

Legit Lashes Mascara by Huda Beauty – sold by Sephora and on

You have become a female model for many women in the world. As for you, which woman inspires you?

“No doubt Sophia Loren! It has always been one of my muses. So feminine and at the same time bold and sensual. He inspired many of my make-up looks and the beauty is that never goes out of fashion. “

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